Dr. Harold Goldwhite, Ph.D.

Chemistry Advanced

Dr. Harold Goldwhite, Ph.D.

Chemistry explains the world around us. Everything we can see, and many things that we cannot, are made up of chemical elements and molecules. No one knows the ways in which chemistry shapes our world better than Dr. Harold Goldwhite. His experience on the History Channel coupled with over 45+ years teaching transform his lectures into an informative and fascinating journey. Dr. Goldwhite’s comprehensive syllabus is perfect for standard and accelerated one year chemistry courses. He covers everything from Atomic Theory, Chemical Reactions, Bonds, Kinetics, Acids and Bases, and Thermodynamics to Electrochemistry and Radioactivity. Dr. Goldwhite received his Ph.D and B.A. from the University of Cambridge.

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Chemistry 12

Dr. Harold Goldwhite, Ph.D.

By Ariana AbramsonApril 11, 2018
great lecture!
By Lydia RaddenAugust 18, 2016
I'm so impressed with this professor he is really good, clear, and concise....
By Okwudili EzehOctober 12, 2014
Dear Professor Goldwhite,
I need the transcript for all your lectures on this website. Could you notify the people at Educator.com about this.

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