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Professor Murray received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley, B.S. from Georgetown University, and has been teaching in the university setting for 15+ years.



College Calculus 2 Online Course Advanced

Dr. William Murray, Ph.D.

Calculus does not have to be difficult. Join Dr. William Murray’s College Calculus 2 online class with clear explanations, tons of examples, and time-saving tips.

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Differential Equations Online Course Advanced

Dr. William Murray

Join Dr. William Murray in his Differential Equations online course complete with clear explanations of theory and a wide array of helpful insights. Each lesson also includes several step-by-step practice problems like the ones you will see on homework and tests.

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Introduction to Probability Online Course Advanced

Dr. William Murray

Join Dr. William Murray in his Introduction to Probability online course where every lesson begins with a clear overview of formulas followed by step-by-step examples. Dr. Murray focuses on the understanding and application of formulas rather than derivations to help you save time and ace your class.

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Trigonometry Online Course Upper Intermediate

Dr. William Murray, Ph.D.

Join Dr. William Murray in his Trigonometry online course which breaks down difficult-to-understand concepts with clear explanations and tons of example walkthroughs. Dr. Murray brings his 15+ years of math teaching experience to show you the importance of trigonometry in life as well as insights and strategies to do well in class.

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College Calculus 2 Online Course 12

Dr. William Murray, Ph.D.

By Acme WangDecember 27, 2016
Hi Professor,

Just a bit confused about Example II, the question does not say take the limit as n goes to infinity, how could you just assume that? :):) Really nice video! Thank you very much!
By Peter KeSeptember 4, 2016
Yea I meant A/(x-3)^2 + B/(x-3).

Thank You!
By Silvia GonzalezJune 7, 2016
Thank you for the answer. I wouldn't worry about little mistakes here and there, if we can catch them it means we understood what was being done,ergo the class is very good. Thank you again.

Differential Equations Online Course 12

Dr. William Murray

By Manuel Gonzalez parraAugust 11, 2017
Can Laplace transforms be used on differential equations not in the form given at the beginning of the video? Because for those equations I’d rather use the method of undetermined coefficients covered earlier. Thank you! Great videos!
By Silvia GonzalezJune 28, 2016
Thank you.
By Silvia GonzalezJune 28, 2016
Thank you! Yes, it made lots of sense.

Introduction to Probability Online Course 12

Dr. William Murray

By Setare MetanatMay 16, 2018
sorry Dr Murry I know it is not your fault ,but I am not happy with educator tech team .though I asked for fixing this problem weeks ago, yet it has not fixed yet! this kind of delay since we should pay each month for these courses is not acceptable.
By Hector FloresNovember 28, 2016
Thank you Dr. Murray. Perhaps it's an ipad issue or the network I was connected to at the time. I'll have to try it on a desktop.
By Thuy NguyenNovember 4, 2016
Hi Dr. Murray, thank you for your lecture, you explain so well.  On the integral of finding E(Y1), your 1 looks like a 2, and I was confused until the end where you circled the number and said it was a, "one".  

Trigonometry Online Course 10

Dr. William Murray, Ph.D.

By Peter KeJuly 21, 2016
Thank You!
By Tania TorresApril 26, 2016
Never mind, I now see the minor error in the video. Thank you for the wonderful course, Professor!
By David WuApril 28, 2015
At 10:48 you said -pi/4 is a positive term so we don't have to add pi to it, but it seems to me that -pi/4 is a negative term, wold you explain why?
Thank you

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