Dr. Michael Philips, Ph.D.

Dr. Michael Philips earned his Ph.D. from the University of Southern California in Molecular Biology and has taught the subject as a lecture and assistant professor for several years. He is a published researcher on nucleic acids and volunteers as a Big Brother in his spare time.

Molecular Biology Online Course Intermediate

Dr. Michael Philips, Ph.D.

Join Dr. Michael Philips in his time-saving Molecular Biology course that covers all concepts you'll see in your college course, along with tons of examples. Dr. Philips brings together his love of teaching and subject expertise to help you understand how cells really work together to drive a complex organism such as ourselves.

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Molecular Biology Online Course 8

Dr. Michael Philips, Ph.D.

By Professor Michael Philips November 16, 2018
Thank you! I do not cover cell biology on Educator.com
By Professor Michael Philips November 16, 2018
This is great, Paul!
By Maryam FayyaziJanuary 16, 2018
Thanks for a great lecture.I was wondering if you cover cell biology as well?

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