Dr. Ji Son, Ph.D.

Dr. Ji Son has a Ph.D. in Psychology and Cognitive Science, is a published researcher on how people learn and apply abstract concepts, and has been teaching over 10 years.

General Statistics Online Course Intermediate

Dr. Ji Son

Join Dr. Ji Son’s General Statistics online course which combines clear explanations of concepts, tons of diagrams, and step-by-step examples. Dr. Son also utilizes Excel to break down difficult concepts into understandable ideas and showcases the power of digital statistics analysis.

General Statistics Online Course 8

Dr. Ji Son

By kabongo mpoyiFebruary 1, 2017
I think since you are using Asian, Latino, it is also better to use African and European instead of black and white. Using the term black or white is not a good terminology.
By Mohammed AlamAugust 6, 2014
Useful lecture series. Good instructor.
By Martin LauJune 25, 2014
Hi Dr. Son,

Could you please explain:
why, for binomial distribution,
as n increases, standard
deviation increases, not decreases?

Thank you in advance.

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