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Law of Sines: How to Use & Practice Examples

The Law of Sines 1

The Law of Sines (or the Sine Rule) tells us that the ratio of a side length to the sine of its opposite angle is the same for all three sides. As a formula, it looks like this: [latex  latex size=”3″]\frac{a}{sin\alpha}=\frac{b}{sin\beta}=\frac{c}{sin\gamma}[/latex] or [latex  latex size=”3″]\frac{sin\alpha}{a}=\frac{sin\beta}{b}=\frac{sin\gamma}{c}[/latex]   In the formula, a ...

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Summer Learning Loss

Summer Brain Drain 1

“Practice makes permanent”—but any athlete will tell you that if you don’t keep practicing, your form gets shaky, your power decreases, and your muscle memory starts to fade. Your brain works the same way, and lots of research has shown that students score lower on standardized tests at the end ...

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SohCahToa is an acronym which helps you remember how to find the basic trig functions: sine, cosine and tangent. Use SohCahToa with a right triangle only! To check if your triangle is the right triangle, look for the 90-degree angle. It’s the largest one in the triangle and it usually ...

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Looking for a free trial of Now you don’t need a code since the first part of every lesson is free to all site visitors plus several full sample lessons. Everything is automatic so you can just click any lesson to watch the free first few minutes.  Membership only ...

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