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California Community Colleges to Offer 4 Year Bachelor’s Degree!

Think you have to go a university to get that 4 year degree?  Guess again.  Last Fall, Governor Jerry Brown signed a legislation to allow community colleges in California to award Bachelor’s Degrees.  Yes… you heard it right.  It may finally be possible to obtain a 4 year degree from a community college!  It will cost $84 per unit more for the courses in the program, but imagine the financial savings compared to a university!

However, there is a catch.  This program will only be offered for fields of study not currently offered by CSU or UC systems.

Dozens of California Community Colleges have since expressed interest in participating in the pilot baccalaureate degree program, and 15 schools were just announced last week to receive this honor.  Below is a list of the schools and degree program offered:

  1. Antelope Valley College:  Airframe Manufacturing Technology
  2. Bakersfield College:  Industrial Automation
  3. Crafton Hills College:  Emergency Services and Allied Health Systems
  4. Cypress College:  Mortuary Science
  5. Feather River College:  Equine Industry
  6. Foothill College:  Dental Hygiene
  7. West Los Angeles College:  Dental Hygiene
  8. Mira Costa College:  Bio-manufacturing,
  9. Modesto Junior College:  Respiratory Care
  10. Skyline College:  Respiratory Care
  11. Rio Hondo College:  Automotive Technology
  12. Mesa College:  Health Information Management
  13. Santa Ana College:  Occupational Studies
  14. Santa Monica College:  Interaction Design
  15. Shasta College:  Health Information Management


This program is obviously not in effect yet, but it is said to start no later than the 2017 – 2018 school year.   & On a separate note, have you heard about Obama’s Free Community College Plan?  I don’t know if it will work, but I foresee big changes in the education system… specifically revolving around affordable education which is always a plus.


So… which degree are you interested in?



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