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The SAT is Changing Again!

The College Board just announced the SAT will be bringing back the 1600-point scoring system, effective Spring 2016!  David Coleman, president of the College Board, states the logic behind this redesign of the SAT is because the college admission exam has “become disconnected from the work of our high schools.”  He admitted that high school grades better reflect college success than standardized test scores.  In this new format, students can expect to reinforce the skills and evidence-based thinking that they are learning in school.


The redesigned SAT will mimic the ACT more than before since the ACT has been adopted by 13, going on 16, states as the new public high school test.  The new SAT will switch back to a two-part exam:  Math and “Evidence-Based Reading and Writing”.  Each section will be worth 800 points just like the original SAT, for a total score of 1600.  The essay portion is now optional and will have a separate score.  Below are some changes within the content of the new SAT:

  • Math questions will focus on three areas:  linear equations, functions, and proportional thinking.
  • The ridiculous SAT vocabulary words will be replaced by common terms used in college courses.
  • You will have to source documents in the Reading & Writing section, including choosing the quote that supports your answer.
  • Every exam will include a passage from a founding document or great global conversation.
  • A science passage will be added into the Reading & Writing section.

Changes about the format of the exam:

  • No more calculators!
  • No more penalties for guessing wrong!!
  • Optional Essay.
  • The exam will now be offered on paper and the computer!  Yay!


One last note:  The College Board announced new programs for low-income students.  They will be able to apply to four colleges for free!  The College Board has also partnered up with Khan Academy to offer free online practice problems from old tests as well as video tutorials to demonstrate how to solve the problems.


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