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Navigating Education and Career Decisions with makes navigating through the field of online education easier and more straightforward. There are hundreds of online colleges to choose from, but there are also countless obstacles along the way. Searching through an overwhelming amount of information on the Internet can feel like walking through a landmine without a map. Many students who are researching online colleges fall victim to a state of panic and confusion. Which classes do I take? Is the school I want to attend accredited? How do I avoid scams? And how am I going to pay for all this? These common questions and more can make the process of choosing an online program incredibly daunting. provides prospective students with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their educational pursuits and career plans. The site offers detailed information on career paths, profiles of working professionals, and a searchable database of accredited programs offered by a range of higher education institutions. If you have questions, chances are’s Frequently Asked Questions page has answers or the information you’re seeking is covered in this article.

Are online colleges all that popular?

Yes! For the ninth straight year, the number of students who enrolled in at least one online course has increased. According to the Babson Survey Research Group’s annual survey of more than 2,500 colleges and universities, 6.1 million students took at least one online class during Fall 2010—a 10.1 percent increase over the year before. Three years later, as that number continues to rise, so do the questions regarding online colleges. provides a comprehensive database of online college information and is the perfect resource for those looking for answers.

What can do for me?

Melissa A. Venable PhD., an education writer for, states that the website was fashioned to be a  “college guide for the career-minded.” Venable, along with a team of expert bloggers, provide their perspectives and advice on the latest trends in education and technology. They also address career development and job search issues, especially for working professionals or individuals who are considering a career change.

However, sometimes the first step is the hardest step to take. In order to get started, students can use’s bright yellow degree finder tool. This easy-to-use search application allows users to narrow a list of programs in a particular field into searchable information about colleges by state.

Then students are directed to a page that gives more information about those colleges that match their academic goals, interests, and chosen degree. There are “multiple ways to get started on your research of possible online programs,” explains Venable. Prospective students can also read about specific degrees, careers, and the process of online learning.

For the reader who is brand new to online education, the “Introduction to Online Learning” page walks students through some of the initial decisions they’ll have to make and helps to set realistic expectations about what it will be like to participate in an online course.

How is growing and what is in the works right now?

In order to keep up with demand and trends in online education, Venable says, “We continue to add resources to the site including the school and program profiles, as well as, daily blog posts and articles.”

Some exciting projects include The Inside Online Learning Chat (#IOLchat), which is going strong on Twitter and is expecting more featured guests this year. In April,’s Inside Online Learning team will present a session at the edSocialMedia Summit. In addition, this spring, Venable and her writing team will continue the Online College Research Series with a new white paper report devoted to blogging and online education.

There is a plethora of information available to students when it comes to choosing an online college. Some of it is helpful; some of it can be misleading or harmful. Avoid any tragic missteps and make the best decisions about your academic future by making sure you have the most reliable and up to date facts. Students, who would rather have guidance in their pursuit of online education instead of wandering without direction, will find an invaluable resource.


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