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Computers May Be Just as Effective as Classroom

New findings in e-learning technologies suggest computers may be just as effective as classrooms. continues to be at the forefront of educational websites with over 60+ subjects in math, science, and computer science.

In November 1984, New York students signed up for the first online class. Since then, many people have debated over whether online education could provide a learning experience that was just as effective as traditional classrooms. That debate appears to be coming to an end and has kept up with the demands of students who feel online learning best suits them.

Ithaka S+R recently released a new research study, which compared two versions of an introductory statistics course. In the study, one course was taught face-to-face by college professors, while the other was taught mostly online with only an hour a week of face time with the instructor. On every measure of learning, researchers found that students performed equally well in both environments. To the surprise of many, the only difference was that the online group appeared to learn faster. The 93-page report on online education concluded that online learning can suit a wide variety of students and “on average, students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction.”

Lawrence Bacow, Tufts University’s former president, who also co-authored the first report, stated that the findings show that “even in its infancy, [online education] does well.” Students today are much more familiar with digital tools than previous generations and according to Bacow, “This is only going to get better over time.’’

In addition to its functionality, online education also creates access to knowledge where there may have previously only been limited options. Financially strapped students and budget-conscious families may find e-learning the best route toward their academic goals. Servicing the needs of students who learn best online, provides students with a variety of college level courses, along with 60+ other high school and professional subjects, for the affordable price of $35 dollars a month. Opt for the 6 month or 12 month bundle plan and save even more.

Unlike other educational websites, does not charge a separate price for each section. No matter where they are, students can watch and learn from Linear Algebra or Physics videos. They will also have access to asking questions, detailed notes at the end of each lesson, and downloadable slides from lectures. A customized, dual-screen interface creates a unique one-to-one online learning environment that enables students to see both the professor and the whiteboard at the same time. With the right combination of online tools and quality instruction, the process of learning is more effective and engaging.

Although the debate may still continue, is determined to meet the demands of today’s scholars. New and exciting courses are frequently added.

### pairs students with the best university professors and educators in the country. Educator’s goal is to provide high school, college, and professional students with a variety of academic subjects in an online video format that is affordable, accessible, effective, and comprehensive.

The most efficient way to improve education is to have the best teachers teach. With the best instructor in a subject, learning anything is possible. Every student deserves an excellent education regardless of geographic location or socioeconomic status and with Educator’s affordable pricing, everyone can access the site’s complete content. For more information on the company please visit our about page.


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