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Table of Contents

Section 1: SQL Database Queries Fundamentals
What You Will Learn

1m 26s

All About SQL

4m 7s

Setting Up Your Training Ground

3m 50s

Data Manipulation

8m 3s

Running the Initial SQL File

4m 31s

Simple Queries

13m 11s

Simple Queries (exercise)

5m 19s

Advanced Simple Queries

10m 59s

Advanced Simple Queries (exercise)

5m 39s


9m 22s

Joins (exercise)

10m 5s


5m 1s

Subqueries (exercise)

6m 15s

More SQL Examples and Exercises!

9m 9s

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Post by Pawel Orzeszak on September 20, 2020

Where can I find Your Projects tab?? Where can I find the script ???


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