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How Businesses Use Your SATs

Elite companies like McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, and Goldman Sachs still want to know how you scored on the SAT.  “Employers used to consider educational aptitude tests as having nothing to do with the real world, but some may have read enough to know that they’re very highly ...

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6 Great Jobs You Can Get With an Online Degree

Nurse Practitioner According to the American Public Health Association, nurse practitioner is a profession with high security and an employment growth of 94 percent.  They also hold a median salary of about $89,960.  To become one, you will need a Master’s in Nursing or Doctorate of Nursing Practice.  Luckily, these ...

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The SAT is Changing Again!

The College Board just announced the SAT will be bringing back the 1600-point scoring system, effective Spring 2016!  David Coleman, president of the College Board, states the logic behind this redesign of the SAT is because the college admission exam has “become disconnected from the work of our high schools.”  ...

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