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Why Your College Degree Is Getting Devalued

In United States society today there is an abundance of college graduates. A bachelor’s degree is just not that rare anymore. To make matters worse, many college graduates have incurred large debts due to needing loans for tuition.

Why is there an abundance of college graduates? Some experts contend that it is easier to graduate now than at any other time. This is because there exists a policy of graduating students despite course work that is just not up to the usual standards. Since employers know that unskilled students receive the degree, their perception of the value of the bachelor’s degree he has greatly decreased.

The devaluation of the bachelor’s degree is common knowledge at every university. More incoming freshmen than ever are stating they will go on to get a graduate degree.

While not admitting directly that a bachelor’s degree has less value, today’s employers emphasize that the degree alone is not enough to set a candidate apart. A bachelor’s degree is the minimum requirement, and it is viewed as demonstrating that a candidate will have reliable work habits such as good attendance and task completion. They insist that solid work experience on a resume is the best way to create a good impression on any prospective employer.

Students are still advised to seek careers in the growth areas of education, healthcare and nonprofit programs, and to work at an entry-level job in their chosen profession while they are still in college.

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  1. Exactly Will!

  2. A college degree isn’t devalued and not that many have bachelor’s degrees. Only about 30 percent of the country has one. That is a very low number, given free public education and the number of colleges and universities in the country.

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