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4 Great Jobs for College Students

Here are four jobs that college students should consider worth their time. These look good on a resume and are flexible enough to fit class schedules.

Bank Teller will give customer service experience, an important transferable skill. Since twenty-five per cent of tellers work part time, it is possible to find a position that will have hours that can accommodate a college class schedule. Anyone in a financial degree program should consider this work.

Campus Publication Writer will provide communication skills that will transfer to most positions. Look for school newspaper, alumni magazine or online editing positions. All look good on a resume and most are paid positions.

Home Health Aide positions are ideal for any student in the healthcare field. The healthcare field is one that is expanding, and working as a home health aide can provide valuable experience and insight for any health care student. The number of home health aide positions will grow rapidly.

Research Assistant positions are valuable in any field of study. Research is ongoing in every interest area, so students should propose a position to a professor in their chosen field. The skills you learn in this position will improve your chances of finding a job after graduation. And having a professor familiar with your work habits and problem-solving abilities will help you later as you network in the professional world.

Hiring managers in all fields value on-the-job experience. So get some on your resume before you become a job seeker.


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