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Nonprofit Provides Resources for your Classroom and School

Teachers and students face it every day: a lack of funding and devastating budget cuts leave schools without the resources teachers need to help their students explore their potential and excel. The situation is so dire that dedicated teachers end up spending hundreds of dollars a year of their own money on classroom materials.

An exciting new nonprofit,, offers an easy, rewarding and efficient solution:
• Teachers, administrators and PTA/PTO leaders visit to create Wish Lists of the items they need to equip great classrooms, as easily as shopping online
• Parents, alumni, neighbors, churches, community foundations, local businesses and others see exactly what is needed and how they can help
• Visitors contribute online
• Donations are tax-deductible, and ClassWish provides a receipt
• Many companies match employees’ charitable donations, which can double their funding
• ClassWish has the items shipped directly to the schools at no cost to the school or teacher

The result? Teachers and schools get the support they need. Parents and communities are engaged in supporting schools and funding the things they care most about. And everyone is united in helping our children perform at their best.

The enthusiastic response to can be seen in their outstanding Board of Advisors, which includes:
• Ellen Dempsey, President & CEO, Teachers Network
• Judy Nee, President and CEO, National Afterschool Association
• Nancy Pelz-Paget, Director, Education and Society Program, Aspen Institute
• Delia Pompa, VP of Education, National Council of La Raza
• Sharon Robinson, CEO, American Association of Colleges of Teacher Education
• Esther Wojcicki, Google Education, Creative Commons Board

Visit to see how easy it is to get the resources your classroom, school and students need.

Please share word of this opportunity with others. One way to do it (and perhaps win free supplies for your own classroom) is to see their campaigns at

Educator fully backs ClassWish, and together we can make a powerful difference in the lives of millions of children!


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