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Tempo Operations

  • Graphic Tempo Editor: to view the tempo operations, click the little arrow in the tempo ruler.
    • Tempo events are visible when the conductor icon is enabled on transport window.
  • Tempo Change: In order to make tempo changes, we need to always enable the “conductor” icon in the Transport Window.
    • Once we type the changes on certain cars, we can drag the “Tempo Change” icon in the Tempo ruler up to go faster or drag down to slow down.
    • Option Click: gets rid of tempo changes in a similar way we work with our markers or we can select the tempo change icons and delete them by delete/backspace key or clearing them under Edit Menu or short cut of (Com B).
  • Tempo Operations: We can also apply tempo changes to a time selection using the Tempo Operations under the Event menu.
    • There are 6-sub menu you will see under Tempo Operations.
      • Constant
      • Linear
      • Parabolic
      • S-Curved
      • Scale
      • Stretch
  • Pencil Tool: You can draw in the new tempo events, replacing existing ones, using the pencil tool
  • The Free hand tool lets you draw freely by moving the mouse, producing a series of steps that depends on the Tempo Edit Density settings.
  • Parabolic & S-Curve Tools lets you draw the best possible curve to fit your freehand drawing, again producing a series of steps that depend on the Tempo Edit Density settings.
  • The Triangle, Square & Random Pencil tool cannot be used to create tempo events!

Tempo Operations

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:11
  • Tempo Events 0:22
    • Enable Conductor: Tempo Change
    • Option Click
  • Snap to Bar 6:05
  • Tempo Operations 7:44
    • Constant
    • Linear
    • Parabolic
    • S-Curved
    • Scale
    • Stretch
    • Pencil Tool