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Lecture Comments (2)

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Post by Evren Edler on October 12, 2012

Thanks Brent.

0 answers

Post by Brent Dickason on October 12, 2012

ur awesome thx!..iam already certified -very clear n
straight 2 the point...bravo

Editing Clips

  • Edit Lock: We can edit/ lock a clip under Clip menu bar, in this way there is a locker icon appear and each editing we apply will get a dialog box. Com L
  • Edit Time Lock: You cannot move your clips left or right once you time lock the clip. Com+Option+L
  • Muting Clips: You can right click a clip to mute/ un-mute a clip or use the shortcut Com + M.
  • Grouping Clips: You can select several clips and group them. Com Option G. In this way it will be a new clip.
  • Separating Clips: You can choose separate under the right click menu or use the short cute of B. You can heal the separated clips by healing command under edit menu bar or use Com H short cut.
  • Separation Tool: You can select a section to move with the separation grabber and it’ll separate the clip.
  • Consolidating Clips: You can apply under edit menu bar or Shift Option 3.
  • Repeating & Looping Clips: Option + R or under Edit menu bar to repeat.
    • We can also keep dragging a clip by Loop Trimmer to loop. We can unloop by right clicking on a clip or in the dialog box we can choose the flatten option to keep looped section as separated.
  • Shifting Clips: You can shift a single or multiple clips by shift option under edit menu bar, Option H. You can type the info on shift dialog box.
  • Nudging Clips: you can select a clip and set the nudge value to move clips earlier or later.
    • You can also nudge only the audio in your clips without moving your clips by holding down Control + or -.
    • This is a great function for postproduction.
  • Strip Silence: Let’s you strip our noise, siècle or low leveled audio from an audio clip. You can also strip out your audio and leave the silence as well. It may be useful for keeping a room sound in a film.

Editing Clips

Lecture Slides are screen-captured images of important points in the lecture. Students can download and print out these lecture slide images to do practice problems as well as take notes while watching the lecture.

  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:09
  • Edit Lock 0:22
  • Edit Time Lock 1:42
  • Muting Clips 2:53
  • Grouping Clips 4:09
    • Group After Selecting
    • Ungroup
  • Separating Clips 8:32
    • Grabber
  • Consolidating Clips 12:47
  • Repeating & Looping Clips 14:54
    • Repeat a Clip
    • Duplicate
    • Repeat with Trimmer
    • Loop Trimmer
  • Shifting Clips 19:14
  • Nudging Clips 21:45
  • Strip Silence 24:30