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Clip Gain

  • Clip Gain: lets you change volume of clips with a fader icon on the left bottom part or each clip.
  • Clip Gain Viewer: View > Clip > Clip Gain Info or Control Shift = turns it on & off.
  • Clip Gain Line: You can turn on the clip gain line by View > Clip> Clip Gain Line or Shift Control dash.
  • Editing Clip Gain: Besides Opt clicking on a gain fader, you can also command click/drag on a fader for smaller movement.
    • You can use the grabber tool to add break points on the clip gain line and drag to automate the clip gain.
    • Option Click erases the breakpoints.
    • Pencil tool draws lines.
    • Trimmer tool increases/decreases the steady or automated clip gain volume levels.
  • Nudging Clip Gain: If you set a level under Preferences > Editing > Clip Gain Nudge Value, you can use shift control up or down arrow to nudge the clip gain and down without using the mouse.
    • All the changes apply to clip gain are built in the clip and automate the clip gain only. Those changes won’t change the volume automation.

Clip Gain

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  • Intro 0:00
  • Lesson Overview 0:15
  • Clip Gain 0:35
    • Clip Gain Viewer
    • Clip Gain Line
  • Editing Clip Gain 4:39
    • Grabber Tools & Add Break Points
    • Pencil Tool
    • Only Automates the Clip Gain