Brenton Strine teaches Educator's WordPress course utilizing his expertise building websites and blogs for a wide variety of clientele since the 1990's. This course is perfect for both beginner web developers with no prior programming knowledge, as well as seasoned veterans. Brenton begins with installing and setting up Wordpress to choosing custom themes and plugins. He then moves into creating posts, adding media, and getting help from the vibrant WordPress community. More advanced topics include modifying themes and search engine optimization (SEO) of websites. After the course, the user will be able to create beautiful, functional, and fully customizable websites in minutes.

Table of Contents

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Section 1: Wordpress

  Creating a WordPress Blog 12:20
   Intro 0:00 
   Introduction to WordPress 0:39 
    Example Blog 1 0:55 
    Example Blog 2 2:22 
    Using Your Own Domain: WordPress.Org 4:14 
   Example: Setting Up Your Blog 6:49 
    Creating a WordPress Account 7:00 
    Dashboard & Home Page 8:24 
    Add New Post 10:06 
    Change Themes & General Settings 10:50 
  Installing WordPress on Your Own Domain 11:54
   Intro 0:00 
   Installing WordPress on Your Own Domain 0:53 
    Example Websites with Own Domains 1:06 
    Downloading & Installing WordPress 3:38 
    cPanel 5:33 
    FileZilla 7:03 
    Installed WordPress Login 9:00 
    WordPress on Your Own Domains 9:41 
  Using WordPress 16:04
   Intro 0:00 
   Using WordPress 0:26 
    Dashboard 0:27 
    Posts 1:49 
    Pages: Add New Page & Edit Page 2:58 
    Media 3:52 
    Links 4:24 
    Comments 6:18 
    Appearances: Theme 6:40 
    Appearances: Widgets 7:40 
    Appearances: Edit CSS 9:33 
    Users: Invites, My Profile, Personal Setting 11:21 
    Tools: Import, Export, Delete Site 12:15 
    General Settings 13:20 
    Writing Settings 14:04 
    Reading Settings 14:23 
    Discussion, Media, Privacy, Open ID, Text Messaging, Sharing, and Domain 14:42 
    Upgrades 15:04 
  WordPress Themes 13:51
   Intro 0:00 
   WordPress Themes 0:05 
    Free Themes Directory 0:40 
    Download, Preview, and Install Themes 1:56 
    Searching for Themes on Google 4:26 
    Manage & Install Themes 5:28 
    Edit Themes 9:50 
  Posts and Pages 23:06
   Intro 0:00 
   Posts and Pages 0:42 
    Posts and Pages Overview 0:43 
    Blog vs. Regular Website 1:38 
   Posts 3:53 
    Introduction to Posts 3:54 
    Edit Post 5:12 
   Pages 8:50 
    Introduction to Page 8:51 
    Creating a New Page 9:48 
    Permakink Settings 10:23 
    Trackbacks and Pingbacks 15:07 
   Posts Cont. 17:33 
    Categories 17:34 
    Post Tags 18:48 
    Theme Specific Characteristics 19:40 
    Featured Image 21:16 
    Revisions 21:49 
    Upload and Insert Media to Posts and Pages 22:17 
  WordPress Plugins 16:43
   Intro 0:00 
   WordPress Plugins 0:17 
    Introduction to Plugins 0:18 
   Statistic Plugins 0:48 
    Searching for and Adding Plugins 0:49 
    Google Analytics 1:26 
    Sticky Statistic 2:14 
   Comments Plugins 3:52 
    Facebook Comments for WordPress 4:31 
    Sociable for WordPress 3.0 5:36 
   Image Gallery Plugins 7:03 
    NextGen Gallery 7:35 
   Importing and Exporting Blogs Plugins 10:56 
    Importing and Exporting Blogs 10:57 
  Adding Media to WordPress 14:50
   Intro 0:00 
   Adding Media to WordPress 0:10 
    Introduction to Adding Media 0:11 
    Adding Images From URL 1:05 
    Adding Images From Computer 4:17 
    Adding Images From Media Library 6:53 
    Adding Videos 7:35 
    Adding PDF 12:13 
  Getting Help from the WordPress Community 16:45
   Intro 0:00 
   WordPress.Org 0:42 
    Showcase 1:25 
    Docs: Getting Started and Working with WordPress 2:39 
    Docs: Search 7:03 
    Forums: Search for Related Questions 8:15 
    Forums: Asking Question in the How-To and Troubleshooting 10:50 
    Troubleshooting Error Message on Google 13:58 
  Creating and Customizing Themes 17:06
   Intro 0:00 
   Creating and Customizing Themes 0:22 
    Introduction to Editing Themes 0:23 
    Example: Edit Header 2:17 
    Example: Edit Stylesheet 9:15 
    Creating & Editing New Themes 10:12 
    Interworking of WordPress 13:58 
    WordPress Programming 15:30 
  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 19:18
   Intro 0:00 
   Valuable Website 1:23 
    Introduction to SEO 1:24 
    External Links: Trackback and Pingbacks 4:19 
    Internal Links 5:49 
    Generating Keywords 7:40 
    Generating Keywords in General Settings 11:43 
    Proper Semantic Use of Tags and HTML 13:26 
    SEO Optimization Plugins 16:56 

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