Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

Brenton Strine has developed his web development skills since the advent of the Internet in the 1990's, and also teaches’s CSS course.

Computer Science: CSS Intro Beginner

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

Brenton Strine is Educator's instructor for CSS where he uses his many years of web development expertise to teach how to make visually stunning websites. The course is taught with an emphasis on best practices and focuses on actual code and its interaction with the browser. Brenton builds on the skills learned from his HTML lessons to create actual working sites that demonstrate the power of CSS. He covers topics such as syntax, typography, images, links, and advanced CSS properties. This course is suited for beginners who want to learn CSS from the ground up, as well as more veteran users who seek detailed explanations of the new features in CSS3.

35 ratings & 15 reviews

HTML5 Online Training Beginner

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

Professor Brenton Strine’s HTML5 course is aimed at both budding programmers and veteran coders who want to build websites. In each lesson, Brenton begins with basic concepts and then spends the majority of the lesson writing actual code and seeing its interaction with the operating environment and browser.

221 ratings & 21 reviews

Wordpress Beginner

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

Brenton Strine teaches Educator's WordPress course utilizing his expertise building websites and blogs for a wide variety of clientele since the 1990's. This course is perfect for both beginner web developers with no prior programming knowledge, as well as seasoned veterans. Brenton begins with installing and setting up Wordpress to choosing custom themes and plugins. He then moves into creating posts, adding media, and getting help from the vibrant WordPress community. More advanced topics include modifying themes and search engine optimization (SEO) of websites. After the course, the user will be able to create beautiful, functional, and fully customizable websites in minutes.

73 ratings & 3 reviews

Computer Science: CSS Intro 3

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

By David BeamerMarch 14, 2014
Brenton -- good job in ignoring the vacuum cleaner.  I would have completely lost my train of thought, for sure.
By Steven MorrisonOctober 8, 2013
Great lectures, thank you!
By Steven MorrisonSeptember 27, 2013
Good lecture, I enjoyed it!

For people asking for material to practise, you will get better practise writing it out yourself(its only like 20 lines).. thats what it's all about :)

HTML5 Online Training 3

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

By Muhammad ISHAQUEAugust 2, 2016
He is a good
By Michael KolodyDecember 28, 2015
Not good teaching. Not interactive. But I am finding these videos useful anyway. Needs to be updated.
By S FonsecaJune 9, 2015
Great answer. Thanks for the advice.  Will pick up PHP knowledge very soon.  Just want to do as much HTML5 as I can before PHP and JavaScript.  Am now tinkering with including animated GIFs and Java applets on my web pages.  Very rough learning curve.  Regards.

Wordpress 3

Prof. Brenton Strine, M.S.

By Darren McGreevyMay 26, 2012
I think Brenten is a good teacher :)
By David ZhangApril 5, 2012
Matthew Macaj is a more precise teacher, Brenten is a more layed back style

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