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Lecture Comments (6)

1 answer

Last reply by: Professor Jim Hague
Mon Apr 22, 2013 11:48 AM

Post by Edward Xavier on April 21, 2013

Hi Jim,

When you mentioned about getting permission from the author first before posting it. Say for example I take something from news channels like CNN, BBC etc. do I need to somehow contact CNN, BBC before publishing it on my blog, even if I summarize it or put them in bullet points and provide a link on my blog to source of the article.

Thank you!

3 answers

Last reply by: Edward Xavier
Sun Apr 21, 2013 8:59 PM

Post by Ng Heng Ghee on March 2, 2013

Jim, here you mentioned about the article.

What if I would like to embed YouTube video onto my Wordpress site ? How do I credit the author and make it legal ?

Also, if I copy a photograph from a website without any article attached, how do I credit the author and make it legal ?

Thank you.

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    • CNN Website
    • Visual Mode
    • How To Protect Yourself & Your Name as a Writer
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    • What You Should Add in Your Post
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