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Worcester Polytechnic Institute Review!

Worcester Polytechnic Institute abides by its motto of Theory and Practice and ensures students are given the best academic experience possible. Students are prepared with a strong theoretical foundation and project activity forms an integral part of their learning process. Their programs are geared towards imparting the latest science and engineering knowledge. Students learn to expand their wisdom and seek out professional as well as personal growth. Graduates of this university emerge ready to tackle critical challenges in the fields of science and technology, with a deep understanding of how they can, while fulfilling their professional goals, impact the society in a positive way.

The institute was founded in 1865 just after the Civil War, by Ichabod Washburn and John Boynton, as the Worcester County Free Institute of Industrial Science located in Worcester, Massachusetts. That was the time when America was on the brink of a huge industrial growth and technological innovation. The founders wanted to create a university that prepares a new set of a high-level and professional class of engineers, entrepreneurs and scientists to be part of the advances that are bound to take place in this new era. This is how the institute, with its new and innovative goals emerged. This model, where students not only “learn” but “apply” what they learn, continues to be the core of the institute till this day.

The programs offered by the institute are mainly focused on undergraduate studies, although they also have a few graduate programs. These programs specifically target students who have dreams of establishing themselves in careers related to Biotechnology, Engineering and other cutting-edge scientific fields. It is these programs that Worcester specializes in and has become famous for.  The research expertise that students gain while at the institute is not just meant for practice, as they make a huge contribution to the biotechnology industry of Massachusetts.  This facility allows students to network when they are still learning. Currently the institute is making waves with their research in fields like Untethered Health Care, Applied Mathematics, Fuel Cells and Fire Protection.

The Worcester Polytechnic Institute also has an online program in place that is meant for students who have completed their undergraduate degrees and who are looking either for professional certifications or for degrees at a higher level. These in-demand programs offer the flexibility for students to work on their courses at their own convenience. Some of the fields of study include Information Technology, Business Administration, Operations Design, Fire Protection Engineering, Technology Marketing and System Dynamics.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute has been home to thousands of students looking to earn their degrees in a way that gives them the maximum academic and research exposure possible. Students not only learn the fundamentals of science and engineering but are also given multiple opportunities to apply their knowledge in solving real-world problems. It is this pioneering approach to education that helped produce several thousands of highly knowledgeable men and women ready with skills to make the world a better place.


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