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American Sentinel University

In February of 2006, the American Graduate School of Management, Sentinel University, and the American College of Computer Sciences joined forces to become one institution, American Sentinel University. This leaner, stronger school, has gone on to become a well established name in providing quality distance learning for individuals in the areas of IT, nursing, and business administration or intelligence.

American Sentinel University is accredited by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC) and the Commission of Collegiate Nursing. It is well known as a quality school with easy access for active duty military and veteran education. American Sentinel university was awarded the G.I. Jobs Military Friendly School award three years in a row from 2009-2011, and the Military Advanced Education Top Military-Friendly University designation over the same time period. American Sentinel University has become a popular destination for over 1000 satisfied alumni, both in and out of uniform. In 2011 the Student Satisfaction Survey found that approximately 95% of its students gave it high marks.

American Sentinel University has an excellent on line offering, with a wide range of skill relevant career options and educational advancement opportunities. Its curriculum comes complete with masters degree programs available for all of the core fields, and even offers on line doctorates in Educational and Executive Leadership for Nursing Practitioners. American Sentinel University declares in their mission statement that they wish “To be recognized as a world leader for providing accessible, quality, advanced education for the motivated learner/professional who seeks success in their chosen fields and communities”, and their curriculum is designed to do just that.

Unlike some other on line educational institutions, American Sentinel University is very active in their local, and regional, as well as the national and international communities. American Sentinel University maintains several educational and military affiliations that tie them in partnership with the communities they support. The ability to create partnerships with the local medical community, military education interests, and business associations that reflect the goals and interests of American Sentinel University, its students, and the demographics they serve has been an asset that few other distance learning centers have yet to replicate.

American Sentinel University also sets itself apart from other on line schools by the tuition and fees they charge. They have some of the most reasonable tuition rates available when compared to other on line schools, especially when you take in to consideration the lucrative areas of study to which American Sentinel University is focusing its talents and resources.

American Sentinel University recognizes that in the last 10 years, health care needs have continued to rise with the availability of new technology. This never ending need for new talent has to keep up with the fast pace of not only the growth, but the advanced technological skills that dominate the field. This has also solidified the need for easy access distance learning at the higher levels of medical training. Registered nurses are one of the most overtaxed resources in health care providing circles. With easy access to the on line education provided by American Sentinel University, nurses and other medical professionals can now maintain speed with occupational needs such as B.S. or M.S. in Nursing completion, or pursuing a doctorate in Educational or Executive Leadership, without sacrificing their current career or contribution.

The information technologies field continues to evolve, and the business community is always in need of professionals to navigate the growing needs of successful business’ and managing their development. By focusing on the trifecta of business, health care, and information technology, American Sentinel University covers a wide range of successful career opportunities without stretching itself thin. This has enabled American Sentinel University to continually offer not only diversity, but quality, in its educational programs for students.

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