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Animal Behavior College Online

In 1998 Steve Appelbaum decided to form the Animal Behavior College (ABC). At the time, Steven was the owner of the Animal Behavior & Training Associates (ABTA), the biggest independent dog training center in the United States. There was an innate need by the ABTA and other training centers to find qualified personnel. Unable to find qualified and capable trainers in the abundance to keep up with current needs of a growing industry, ABTA took the next logical step and developed a trainer program of their own.

Animal Behavior College followed in the footsteps of ABTAs success and quickly became a household name in pet trainer education in North America. They did this by concluding exclusive agreements for dog training services to both Petco Animal Supplies in the United States and the Petcetera Warehouse chain in Canada. This gave ABC market coverage in almost every state in the US, and large portions of Western Canada.

Having such a high profile existence has helped Animal Behavior College in many ways. This exposure allowed them to fast become known as a premier animal training instruction center. The ability to attract quality pet training instructors for the program was paramount to the success of Animal Behavior College, as well as the ABTA, and taking that seriously, ABC installed a rigorous animal trainer screening process that surpassed all federal, local, or state regulations and expectations at the time. They still maintain this standard of excellence today. The instructors at Animal Behavior College are top notch and the best of the best. In the first two years of ABCs trainer selection program, over 70% of all applicants were turned away from employment for exam failure.

At the time, not only was the quality of training that was available minimal, but the quality of education, and the availability of training choices that fit the needs of the trainees and training centers was also lacking.

For the trainees, they have traditionally had to spend over $10,000 and relocate for months at a time to attend training. This made it hard for training centers to find people willing and able to take the financial and lifestyle sacrifices needed to become a qualified trainer, as well as presenting the the fact that there was limited resources to provide such training to fulfill the need for even those still interested.

In time, this situation was realized in the industry, and a second option for study was created that seemed to solve the crisis, the animal behaviorist correspondence course. This second option would allow busy pet enthusiasts to study to become a trainer at lower cost and with less of an inconvenience factor. It would also lower the cost of training and allow resources to be allocated to training larger numbers of students. ABTA and ABC did not see this as a proper way to address the need, as the correspondence courses lacked the hands on needs fundamental to the animal behavioral sciences which lowered an already lacking quality standard of training. So they created a third way.

ABC students would first complete written material courses in correspondence. When those courses are completed to satisfaction, then ABC pairs each student with a local training partner for an apprenticeship. This allowed for the best of both worlds, and benefited all involved. Animal Behavior College, with its relationship to ABTA, was in a unique position to leverage its already existing nationwide database of animal training professionals, giving it a preset template for local to national collaboration. Animal Behavior College became a national professional training network with an iron clad reputation almost instantly.

Animal Behavior Colleges long existing dominance in the pet behavior training and instruction market make ABC an obvious choice for many looking to become an animal behavior specialist. Its lower cost of training and flexibility in certificate and attendance choices make it optimal for the beginning student enthusiast, as well as for those choosing animal training as a full time career. The quality of the training offered, ABCs reputation for excellence, and its vast network of local and regional support make it without comparison in the correspondence only market.


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