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Woodbury Institute Of Champlain College

Previously known as the Woodbury College, this private college focuses on offering education that is career-accelerating, leading to a variety of opportunities in the real-world marketplace. It is committed to preparing students for their professions through its nationally acclaimed Curriculum. This college works with students to such an extent that they create a tailor-made learning process for each student. Through the college’s practical approach to education, students learn real skills and gain real experience during their graduation.  Their limits are challenged and they are taught to take on all sorts of challenges in their careers and as global citizens.

Founded in 1975 as an institute that trained local students to be paralegals, the school has added several programs over the years. Programs are available in fields like Community Development and Mediation and Dispute Resolution. The institute changed its location several times and the name was changed from Woodbury College to Woodbury Institute of Champlain College in 2008, when the college was acquired by Champlain College. Today, it has full accreditation from the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. Students can earn their degrees from the campus at Burlington, Vermont or via their distance education program online.

Undergraduate and graduate level degree programs are offered in Mediation and Conflict Resolution – a program that Woodbury is famous for. Students can also use the on-campus Dispute Resolution Center, where they gain valuable experience even before they complete their graduation. Court cases, business disputes, environmental conflicts and community disputes are settled at this center.  This proves to be an exceptionally good training for students who are on their way to becoming future mediators.  Recently, the school also started offering a specialization in this field, which deals with Public Policy Mediation.

Moodle is the name of the online platform through which Woodbury offers online courses to students who cannot attend campus classes due to their professional or personal obligations.  Students gain access to their course material and assignments through this advanced mode of instruction. The faculty is sensitive to all student issues and deals with them appropriately, ensuring students never feel lonely even in an online environment. Online students are also provided access to a vast online library as well as a bookstore.  Tech support is available 24/7 and even email support is offered.  Students are offered several different types of online classes or they can pursue their Master’s level programs in Law.

Woodbury College guides students towards changing their own lives and working with their communities at the same time. It achieves this through providing a challenging and supportive environment for learning.  The college’s distinctive experience-based education turns students into pros even before they complete their graduation and step foot into the real world. They graduate with the level of “expertise” that usually comes with a couple of years of experience, and this proves to be an advantage to their employers. This is the reason graduates from Woodbury are in high demand by businesses who are always on the lookout for this level of education and expertise.


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