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Winston-Salem State University Review

The goal of Winston-Salem State University is to create 21st century graduates known for their leadership qualities and possessing the ability to compete in the changing and highly competitive global economy. Students are engaged in theoretical and experiential learning. They get to work in the community and improve their leadership skills by working amidst a diverse group of people. The college uses advanced technology to prepare students for successful careers in their chosen fields.

Founded by Simon Green Atkins in 1892, as the Slater Industrial Academy, the school began in one room with one teacher and 25 students. The state of North Carolina recognized the school in 1895 and it was chartered by the state in 1897, as the Slater Industrial and State Normal School. In 1925, North Carolina recognized the school’s capabilities and extended the curriculum while chartering it under the name of Winston-Salem Teacher’s College. The college was allowed to confer appropriate degrees and it became the first African-American institution of higher learning.  Further expansions took place over the years, and finally in 1969, it was designated the status of a university and the name of Winston-Salem State University was given.  In 1971, it became one of the 16 institutions under the University of North Carolina.  Today, all students are welcome without any racial, cultural or religious discrimination. Courses are offered both at the North Carolina campus and online.  The school is accredited appropriately for offering the courses it does.  It currently ranks among the best institutions in the South.

Students of Winston-Salem State University have more than 40 majors to choose from. Some of them are Accounting, Visual Arts, Computer Science, Sport Management, Clinical Lab Science and Elementary Education. The faculty at the university is known for its research expertise as well as for the personal attention it gives students. The university has produced students known for their academic and athletic excellence.

The distance learning programs offered by Winston-Salem come with several options. Students can either take the courses completely online or attend classes part-time. Those who opt for full online mode of learning have all their course material delivered through television programs, interactive internet communications and videotapes. The online offerings of degree programs are Master’s in Rehab Counseling and Bachelor’s in Clinical Laboratory Science.  The college administrators offer the support students need, ensuring they gain a positive learning experience in a top-notch environment.  With multiple entry points, students have the option to join at their convenience.

Graduates of the university are not just imparted academic theoretical knowledge but also specialized skills that address the needs of today’s modern work environment.  In a world that’s driven by digital technology, the university prepares students to use computers efficiently as well as handle other powerful devices, helping make their career advancement easy in the high-tech work environment of today.  Students imbibe a passion for community service and perfectly fit in with the motto of Winston-Salem State University, which is “Enter to Learn, Depart to Serve.”


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