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Western International University Review

Western International University offers educational opportunities to both domestic and international students. Their aim is to provide education that blends practical experience with a strong foundation in theory. The curriculum is designed with a global flavor so as to cater to a diverse student body consisting of both traditional and non-traditional students from around the world. Students are provided a broad educational foundation and the courses focus on technology and business, preparing them for leadership positions in the global marketplace.

Founded in Phoenix, Arizona in 1978, Western International University received accreditation from the Higher Learning Commission in 1984.  In 1995, the university became a part of the leading educational corporation in the United States; the Apollo Group Inc., to expand the course offers to a wide range of students. The school has been educating students for the past thirty years and presently has campuses in Phoenix, Scottsdale, Fort Huachuca, and Chandler, along with an online division.

The university employs a traditional education model and teaching style for both the on-campus and online degree programs; although the course schedules are non-traditional. They offer Master’s, Bachelor’s, Associate’s and Certificate degrees in a wide range of programs. The college offers MBA “Your Way” and BSB programs that allow students to select their major courses based on their fields of interest.  The faculty is all well-educated and experienced and they transform the classrooms making them lively with the use of state-of-the-art technology.

Online classes allow students to balance their education with their career and family commitments. All grading is done based on individual work and not on team projects, so each student is made responsible from an early stage, helping them work towards their own success.  West Interactive Online, the online platform, offers the convenience of online education combined with the advantage of a live learning environment. Students can attend a live class or view a recorded class. They receive support every step of the way, right from the enrollment to their academics to finance counseling to the completion of graduation.  They can gain access to their professors in real-time, and the faculty undergo continuous training programs to keep up-to-date with the latest teaching methods. Access to other students online in real time helps students. The university ensures that achievements of all students are monitored in different ways; through tests, papers, presentations, projects, and quizzes.  Undergraduate programs are available in fields like Behavioral Science, Accounting, and Business. Master’s degrees are available Information Technology, Business Administration, and Public Administration.

Western International University offers the best in education for all students with different goals, whether they wish to refresh their skills through further education or challenge themselves by taking up advanced courses. Students enjoy a high level of interactive learning and since they are responsible for their own achievements, the spirit of competition takes over, leading them to good grades and eventually excellence in whatever they choose to do.  This helps them take up top positions when they enter their professions after graduation.


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