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Western Governors University Review

Western Governors University is mission driven and aims to help working adults fulfill their educational goals and improve their career opportunities.  Towards ensuring this mission is fulfilled, WGU offers student-focused, affordable and flexible education online. It aims to serve as many students as possible, which includes students from different backgrounds, incomes and locations. Today, when tuition fees are going up each year, this university keeps it so low that it is almost half of what other reputable online universities charge, thus opening its doors to thousands of students worldwide. The university makes it possible for self-directed individuals to earn their degrees at their convenience and turn into highly competent professionals.

A university with no boundaries, Western Governors University is a non-profit online university that began in 1995.  It was an idea by Utah governor Mike Leavitt, who had the foresight to realize that distance learning had the power to tackle the problem of adult education. Other governors joined in and together decided to establish their own university. It was founded by 19 U.S. governors and supported by them. This is the first time in history that governors of several states have come together for as great a cause as the creation of this university. After four years, in 1999, the university was ready to accept students.  The school headquarters are at Salt Lake City, Utah. WGU is an online school in its entirety with no campus education.

All the school’s programs are offered only through online instruction. Online education at this university is quite unique as students are not required to complete a set of courses to earn their degrees.  Instead, the university has a series of well-designed assessments, including projects and tests that measure the student’s competency levels in the subject they have chosen. Students working towards completing these programs will be assigned a mentor who provides them the information, guidance and support they need. These mentors design program learning plans for students and help them stick to the plan and move along without any issues. WGU is not only accredited regionally but also nationally by the Distance Education and Training Council (DETC). It is also the first exclusively online university to receive accreditation from the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE).

All the online programs at WGU are personalized and students enjoy a greater flexibility to pursue their education at a time and place of their choice. They have the facility to be in touch with their mentor over email or phone. They are also provided access to their professors and other students through online communities and study groups. Degree programs are offered at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels, in fields like Information Technology, Teaching, and Nursing.

Western Governor’s University was created for the convenience of adult learners.  The governors designed WGU with the aim of making it highly convenient for people with work or family responsibilities. Students also don’t have to stop continuing their education because of the costs involved. WGU is almost like a blessing in disguise, with no schedules to fit into and no high-priced tuition to worry about. The quality of education is top-notch with personalized attention and high levels of support.  Programs start at the first of every month, so you can join in next month and take advantage of what the university has to offer.  This university is different from all other online universities.


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