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West Virginia University Review

West Virginia University makes a true difference in the lives of students who spend their time on the campuses, just as a mountain places its mark on those who live within its shadows.  The university dedicates itself to offering students the best of learning environments both at the undergraduate and graduate levels, where their skills are honed and knowledge advanced; an endeavor that helps students achieve success in their academic and professional lives. They gain hands-on experience in the most technologically advanced research facilities, giving them a well-rounded education that, in the future, proves to be highly beneficial to their employers.

Founded in the year 1867 as a land-grant university, the West Virginia University has a long and rich history. President Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Act in 1862, offering land grants to each state that agreed to build a college to teach agriculture and engineering (then called the “mechanic arts.”  With the formation of the State of Virginia the following year and their acceptance of the terms of the Morrill Act, the new “Agricultural College of West Virginia” came into existence.  It was in 1868 that the name was changed to West Virginia University.  While Morgantown in West Virginia is home to the main campus, there are other campuses in Keyser, Charleston, Parkersburg and Montgomery, along with an online division.

The university is famous for its scholarships. Students of West Virginia University went on to earn several honors including the Goldwater, Rhodes and Truman scholars.  The university has 13 colleges through which it offers 193 Bachelor’s, Master’s. Doctoral and Professional Degree Programs. The University is also known for its Forensics program, which is nationally recognized as it works with the FBI on many projects.  The program is accredited by the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and offers students several research and professional training opportunities.

West Virginia University makes online education available through the Extended Learning program. This program allows students to work on their computers at home, without the need to attend college physically. Online programs include several undergraduate and graduate degree programs in fields like Advertising, Nursing and Child Care.  Students, who are working professionals and have been working for several years, can also take advantage of the additional credit towards their degrees.  All the course material for online students is delivered asynchronously. Students are offered top-level support by the support staff and faculty.

Students of West Virginia University who are nurtured by the college – leave after graduation, but they look back, remembering all the pleasant things related to their study at the university. This university, they say, has the ability to claim them. The 21st President of the college is also an ex-student of this university.  With so much to gain from being at this university in terms of academics, research and an overwhelming sense of capability and confidence, it’s no wonder several thousand students from different parts of the world make their way to this university each year or take up their online courses.


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