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Walden University Online Review

Home for an international learning community, Walden University practices the policy of nondiscrimination in its admission process as well as employment. Their aim is to transform the world through higher education. Students are encouraged to balance their education with professional and personal commitments, and the college offers them high quality resources. Their degree programs are designed to meet the educational and career needs of a diverse student body.  Walden helps students focus on their passions that can impact their future.

The university was founded in 1970 by Bernie and Rita Turner, two teachers, who were looking for ways where adults in the workforce could work towards their doctoral degrees. They were instrumental in laying the groundwork for the university, with help from a University of California, Berkeley faculty member, Harold Hodgkinson. It was only one year before that Hodgkinson published an article titled “Walden U.: A Working Paper,” which initiated the concept of a student-centered university.  The three came together with their shared vision of a higher education institution that allowed professionals to continue working while gaining their degrees.  The institution was named, “Walden University.”  Today, the school located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is owned by Sylvan Learning and offers degree programs at a higher level to adults from all over the world, giving thousands of adults a chance to complete their degrees.

Walden offers flexible online degree programs that impart practical knowledge and strategies students can put to use easily and quickly.  Degree programs are available in Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral, Ed.S. (Educational Specialist) programs, Principal Preparation Program, Teacher Preparation Program, Certificate Programs and Endorsement Programs. The university is known around the world for its online courses. Fast Company, which is a monthly business publication gave an A rating to the university.  It was also called as a well-regarded and well-respected virtual institution by the U.S. News & World Report.

Students who join the online degree programs at Walden University, gain quality education with the extreme flexibility of studying whenever and wherever they choose to, at a time and place of their convenience. This gives them time to fulfill their other responsibilities while they work towards their degree.  Most of the coursework can be done online completely without ever stepping into a real-world campus, but some of the doctoral programs need academic residency, and some Master’s programs also have certain residency requirements.  Students get a chance to cover their course materials and complete assignment with the help of the faculty and other students. Some of the online degrees offered are Business Administration, Nursing, Child Development, Human Services and Nursing among others.

At Walden, the success of the university is measured in terms of the students’ success. The impact that online education has on students is continually monitored and the courses are appropriately designed based on that. It is this attention to detail and the high quality course content that students are given access to, makes them confident enough to embark on their professional journey, when they complete their graduation from this university.


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