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Villanova University Review!

Committed to providing an educational experience that challenges students enough to prepare them for successful careers, Villanova University encourages students to gain their education from the perspective of Christian values and to apply this faith in all areas of their study.  The university offers graduate and undergraduate programs, making sure they meet the different needs of a diverse student body. Emphasis is placed on philosophy and theology.  They make sure that students not only benefit from an academic instruction of high standards but are also helped in meeting their spiritual needs.

Although founded by an Augustinian Monastic order in the year 1842, Villanova’s history goes back to 1811, to the old Saint Augustine’s Church in Philadelphia and Saint Augustine’s Academy that was established at that time.  Since its inception, Villanova followed Saint Augustine’s vision of education. He was an author, philosopher and teacher, and was regarded as one of the most prolific thinkers in the Western civilization history. Villanova has always concentrated on providing education that is rooted in the liberal arts, with a commitment to the Augustinian ideas of love, truth and unity, and a community working towards the common good of all.  Today, Villanova University is the oldest and the largest Catholic University located in a suburban community west of Philadelphia, and consists of five colleges.

With more than 107,000 alumni spread all over the world, Villanova offers undergraduate, graduate and continuing education programs. The various undergraduate colleges at the University are: Liberal Arts and Sciences, Engineering, Nursing, and School of Business.  Villanova’s School of Law does not come under the Office of Academic Affairs and operates independently. Offering high quality educational programs is more of a tradition the university is used to. This high quality instruction is imparted by faculty with extensive expertise in their fields. The college has a full-time faculty of 633 who are highly educated and possess extensive expertise in their fields.  Some of their programs are highly rated, and all their colleges have achieved top rankings. It has also come to be known as an extremely wired university that is dedicated to technology. The U.S. News and World Report ranked Villanova as the #1 Master’s University in the Northern Region.

The college has an online education platform in place, which offers Professional Certification, allowing managers and professionals to gain further education and reach higher positions at work.  Students can take these online courses at their convenience and work towards their certifications in their free time.  The courses cover several Business, IT and other topics.  Some of the courses available are Contract Management, Business Analysis, Human resources, IS Security, Six Sigma, and Phillips ROI Methodology.

Students gain the benefit of being provided a high level education that is taught through a Catholic lens, which allows them to work towards their educational, personal and societal goals in the best way possible.  They experience this in every aspect of University life. Students are encouraged to research on contemporary problems and they learn the art of mastering everything they touch.


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