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Utica College Review!

Utica College is known for its excellent academic programs and the modern and extensive campus facilities. Their main goal is to ensure students are provided the sort of education that engages, inspires and motivates them to be competent professionals with rewarding careers. Students are encouraged to intermix liberal and professional study and made to understand the importance of lifelong learning.  The educational blueprint is continually refined in an attempt to embrace the highest standards possible.

Utica College has a history that has its roots in the 1930s when extension courses were offered in the Utica area by Syracuse University. The business and community leaders from the Mohawk Valley, founded the Utica College when they felt there was a genuine need for such an institution.  Syracuse University launched UC in 1946, and the original location was downtown Utica, which was known as Oneida Square.  The school shifted to its current location off of Burrstone Road in 1961. Although, the college became legally and financially independent in 1995, full independence was declared only in 2008 and started offering a variety of degrees in a broad range of fields. Today, students can either study at the campus in Utica or online.

There are a suite of undergraduate and graduate degrees offered at UC. Their undergraduate programs offer many minors and majors. The Graduate programs at the college include Master’s in Criminal Justice Administration; Cybersecurity – Intelligence and Forensics; Economic Crime Management; Economic Crime and Fraud Management; Occupational Therapy and several others.  Utica College is one of the leading colleges in physical therapy and occupational therapy, and is known for its Health Science Education Program.  The college also has the distinction of being the first to offer the program on Economic Crime. Through this program, students are taught ways of identification, prevention and management of economic crime.

UC has a distance learning program in place where students who cannot attend the campus classes can fulfill their educational goals from the convenience of their homes.  Since most of the courses are delivered asynchronously, they can fit into the schedules of the students. The Academic Support Services are always available to help students deal with any issues when studying by themselves, be it course related or progress related. Online degrees are offered in Bachelor’s, Master’s and Professional Certification levels, in fields like Business Administration, Financial Crimes Investigation and Cyber Security.

Students are educated with a goal of entering rewarding careers, becoming responsible citizens and overall leading satisfied and fulfilling lives. Each student is given personalized attention and gets to benefit from the high educational quality.  They are taught how to handle themselves well in an increasingly global society and marketplace.  They are shown the path to maintaining high ethical standards and integrity in all they do.  It is this education that encompasses several areas of a student’s life that stands them in good stead when they complete their graduation from Utica College. Being part of this inspirational environment is something that students’ value highly.


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