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University of Toledo Review!

University of Toledo is all about improving the human condition by advancing knowledge through excellence in learning and discovery.  It has come to be known as a student-centered and diverse public metropolitan research university. The university creates an educational environment where the diverse student body finds encouragement to learn and research; paving the path to an academic experience like none other. Students are prepared to aim for a high-level professional career of their choice as well as being good human beings that help the less fortunate with their knowledge.

Founded in the year 1872 as a small local private arts and trade school to teach students architectural drawing and painting, only these two subjects were introduced.  By the 1920s, the University was growing rapidly, not only in terms of the expansion of school buildings but also in using advanced technology and offering online classes.  Despite the number of challenges the university had to face over the 125 years of its existence, the institution has grown from that small school with two subjects to become a large state-assisted university offering several graduate programs. The campus it resides upon in Toledo, Ohio, is considered an architectural gem.

Many of the academic programs offered at the University of Toledo have world-wide reputation. A wide range of degree programs are available at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and fields such as Occupational Therapy, Engineering and Medicine are famous at this university. With there being 90 Master’s and 17 Doctoral programs, several students of the university have won prestigious awards like the Woodrow Wilson and Fullbright awards. The university also has several important accreditations to its credit.

For students who live outside Ohio and cannot attend the campus or those who just prefer an online learning format due to their busy personal or professional schedules, the university has an efficient online program in place. All coursework is delivered completely online, and students complete assignments online. They even get to listen to lectures online, giving the whole online educational experience, a classroom feel. There is the option to chat with other classmates and work on their assignments together. Never does a student feel alone when doing one of the online courses from the University of Toledo.  Students are given great support while doing their programs, by the advisors and faculty.  Access to a vast online library is given and tech support is made available 24/7. Online degree programs are available in several majors and other levels, in fields like Accounting Technology, Nursing, Programming, Liberal Studies and Engineering.

Academic excellence and research participation are the keys to education at the University of Toledo. Students are led on the path of excellence in practice, profession, leadership and they are trained to be autonomous decision makers who can put their skills learned at the university to good use.  Graduates are taught the best ways to apply their education to find appropriate professional opportunities and fulfill their goals in their careers and in life in general.


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