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University of Phoenix Online Review!

University of Phoenix offers students access to higher educational opportunities, with an aim of helping them gain the knowledge and skills necessary to reach their professional goals. The courses are so designed that they help students’ find greater opportunities for career success.  The curriculum bridges the gap between theory and practicals with the faculty imparting not only academic education but also bringing their professional experience to the classrooms.  Students are also molded to fit into their roles in the community and society as a whole, and as responsible individuals that not only work towards their professional goals but also for the upliftment of the society.  Students learn important skills that help them in their work place; such as communication skills, critical thinking as well as a lifelong yearning to learn.

It was in 1976 that the university was formed, when a Cambridge-educated economist and professor, Dr. John Sterling, visualized an opportunity to provide higher education to working adults. He saw the benefits of offering this education at a time and place convenient to the adults.  The school expanded over the years, and in 1980 opened a campus in San Jose, California, and in 1989 opened their online campus. Today, the university has grown to being the largest for-profit school in the United States, offering both campus-based and online programs. It has 79 campuses and 117 learning centers spread over 38 states in the United States, as well as in the British Columbia, Alberta, Mexico, Netherlands, and Mexico.

Having the distinction of being recognized as the nation’s largest private university, the University of Phoenix Online makes available many undergraduate and graduate programs in more than 200 locations, as well as online covering most countries in the world.  With 20 years in online education, adults will find the online programs at this university perfectly suited for their needs and learning styles. John Sperling, the founder was clear in his understanding that most college level programs are designed for students fresh out of college and adult learners’ needs are often ignored.  The university has pioneered evening classes, continuous enrollment, flexible scheduling, online classes, a student-centered environment, computer simulations and a digital library.

Online education began in 1989, when most other universities never dreamt that anything like this was possible. The degree programs offered include Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral and Certification courses. They are taught by faculty who has many years of experience in their respective fields, so the students gain the advantage of learning the most up-to-date methods. Online learning programs include Criminal Justice, Education, Business, Nursing, Information Technology, Communication, Finance, Marketing or Management and much more.  These online programs allow students to earn their Associate of Arts in Foundations of Business and then transition to one of the several Bachelor of Science in Business programs. Students can continue their online learning in an MBA program and then work on their doctoral degree through the School of Advanced Studies.

The University of Phoenix Online provides excellent foundational instruction that prepares students to effectively engage in the various curricula available at the university. Students learn to use technology to expand their knowledge and get ready for their lives outside the university’s four walls.  The big bad world that awaits students is faced with a lot of confidence and self-esteem by students who step out with degrees from this university.


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