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University of Notre Dame Online Review!

Having established itself as one of the nation’s premier institutions offering the nation’s top undergraduate programs, University of Notre Dame Online has successfully created a unified community of students who work towards achieving educational excellence as well as improving the lives of people within their communities and around the world. The university prepares men and women for careers in business. Totally focused on Christian values of service and brotherhood, students are encouraged to be conscious and thankful of all the blessings that come their way.

Founded in 1842 by Edwars Sorin, a French priest of the Congregation of Holy Cross, University of Notre Dame is a Roman Catholic university in Notre Dame, Indiana.  It is near the city of South Bend, east of Chicago.  It was and continues to be affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church. Over the years, Notre Dame has earned fame and name as one of the premier universities in the country, and the University’s Mendoza College of Business is today ranked #1 among the best undergraduate business programs.

Home to more than 2,200 students working towards their undergraduate, graduate and executive studies degrees, it offers Executive Certificates in Business Administration, Negotiation and Leadership and Management.  The undergraduate majors include Finance, Accountancy, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Consulting and Information Technology Management.  The U.S. News & World Report ranked the school as being the 20th in the nation.

No matter where the students live or what their schedule, they can work towards developing or refining their business skills as well as interpersonal skills through the online degree programs at Notre Dame.  These courses are taught by the same faculty that handles on-campus students at the highly ranked Mendoza College of Business.  All programs are made up of 3 eight-week certificate courses, and are offered in conjunction with University Alliance.  Advanced Internet technology is used to facilitate communication between the students, faculty and other students. Students gain access to streaming video, chat rooms, email and message boards increasing the interaction level like none other.  The two-way voice over IP, shared virtual whiteboards and instant messaging are extra features that students enjoy as part of their interaction with the faculty and other students. Everything is just the same as an on-campus classroom, and it’s almost like the classroom comes to them.  As part of the unending advantages these online courses offer, the latest MP4 video lectures are also sent to students in a CD-ROM.  You can download them to your iPod or iPhone or any other video-enabled mobile device and study even when you’re working out.  The MP3 lectures allow you to listen to them on the go.  The University of Notre Dame’s Online courses are considered to be highly advanced when compared to most other courses and the support students receive from the faculty, student representatives, and customer support staff is incomparable.

The outstanding programs offered by the University of Notre Dame help people tremendously in their daily operations at their jobs.  All the courses refine the skills of individuals to such an extent that it is well worth the investment in terms of time and money.  The course guidance and the involvement of the faculty make learning at this University worthwhile. The intensity of instruction through advanced technology, give students unlimited opportunities to learn while preparing them for a professional world filled with challenges.


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