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University of New England Review!

As Australia’s first university to be based outside a capital city, the University of New England is internationally recognized as one of the leading teaching and research universities. It creates a perfect learning environment where student-centered programs make it easier for students to work towards achieving their goals of earning top-quality education as well as preparing for their professional careers. All the programs are designed in such a way that they place emphasis on interdisciplinary study and are innovative enough to meet the needs of a highly diverse student body.

The university has a history extending back to 1938, when it was originally established by Pastor Arthur Decary of the Franciscan Order, as the New England University College, a College of the University of Sydney. It was founded with the intention of educating French-Canadian immigrants, and was more of a high school than a university. It became fully independent in 1954 and was given the distinction of a university in the 1970s, when it started awarding degrees. The university has two main campuses, both located in beautiful locations on the ocean side.  There are several other satellite schools too.

The variety of degree programs offered by the school are many, and its main faculties are Arts; Economics; Education; Business and Law; Health and Professional Studies; and the Sciences. These faculties are taught through 18 teaching schools with 473 faculty and staff.  The school is widely recognized as the best and the only osteopathic school of medicine in the state. Osteopathic medicine solely focuses on holistic care and the University of New England steers students towards becoming primary care physicians through appropriate instruction. They also have a Physician’s Assistant Program in place which is the one-and-only exclusive prestigious program in the nation.

University of New England offers continuing education in many formats to meet the educational needs of students not only in Australia but all over the world.  The distance learning programs at UNE allow students to work at their own pace and complete their degree programs without stepping foot in a campus.  Online resources are made available easily and students will also have the additional benefit of interacting with the advisors, faculty and their fellow students. The Blackboard Educational Platform distributes the coursework and helps students handle their assignments in the most appropriate manner possible.  Online degree programs offered are: Public Health, Biochemistry and Biology among others.

Since UNE is a highly recognized research university, several of its students have gone on to earn international reputations in areas such as agricultural economics, rural science, educational administration, an archaeology.  The ability to participate in collaborative research programs with other institutions of repute proves to be beneficial to the students.  This level of advanced training that includes academic and research components; helps graduates of the university gladly accept all their responsibilities of professional lives with aplomb. A degree from the University of New England holds a prestige like very few others do and is sought by students from all over the world.


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