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University of Maryland College Park Review!

The University Of Maryland is a public research university with a commitment to achieve excellence as the State’s main center of graduate education and research for undergraduate students of exceptional ability. It extends knowledge to students by designing courses that offer innovative and outstanding instruction, and nourishes the intellectual growth in a wide range of disciplines. A core arts and sciences curriculum promises students an enriched academic experience. It aims to have students emerge after their graduation, as highly confident individuals with the required skills and knowledge that will help them in all their endeavors when they enter the real world.

The university began its journey as a land-grant institution in 1856, as Maryland Agricultural College. It played a crucial role during the Civil War, providing lodging for soldiers of both sides. In 1858, it was launched as the forerunner of the University of Maryland.  In 1920, the College Park and Baltimore campuses are linked with the consolidation of University of Maryland and in 1988, the five University campuses form a University of Maryland System, with College Park designated as the flagship university of this system.  It is also given the distinction of a “Public Ivy” institution. Students are offered more than 239 different graduate and undergraduate programs at the College Park, Maryland campus.

The University of Maryland College Park offers Ph.D. and professional degrees such as M.P.H., M.F.A., and M.B.A. as its signature degrees, along with several other Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degrees. Degree programs are offered in Architecture; Behavioral and Social Sciences; Agricultural and Natural Resources; Business and Management; Creative and Performing Arts; Mathematical and Physical Sciences; Engineering; Education; Journalism; Information Studies; Humanities; Public Affairs and Life Sciences. The faculty at the university is renowned for their scholarship and research.  The university has strong research partnerships with several business and government agencies. It is well-ranked by several publications, including the U.S. News and World Report.  It also has the distinction of offering the best student experience for first year students.

In an effort to utilize innovative approach to learning and teaching, the University of Maryland College Park offers several of their programs online through distance learning.  Although, full degree programs are not offered, students can take advantage of the numerous professional certifications that can help them fulfill their career goals. Four, ten-week sessions are offered to students through online instruction.  Among the courses offered online, Professional Studies in Food Safety Risk Analysis and Public Health Informatics are a couple.  Students are also given the opportunity to interact with their professors to clarify all their doubts.  Support staff is also at hand for all other eventualities.

Building upon the successful establishment of being one of the top-performing universities, University of Maryland College Park develops students into individuals that excel in their scholarship and research abilities. The strong, university-wide culture of excellence in graduate education helps students achieve their best in their respective disciplines, and take charge of their professional roles with great aplomb.


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