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University of Maryland Baltimore County Review!

An Honors University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County emphasizes on imparting the best liberal arts education combined with the innovation of a research university. The curriculum is designed to ensure students move beyond the classroom and experience the wonders of working alongside the faculty on their research projects.  This gives students the creative expression they seek and require for their future engagements as professionals. They are also encouraged to participate in community activities of all sorts once they step out into the real world. In short, a UMBC graduate is an all-rounded individual.

UMBC’s origins lay in the expansion of higher education because of the GI Bill. After the World War II and the Korean Conflict, a college education for everyone became a far more accessible goal.  By 1963, the Maryland legislature approved the development of new colleges in Hillcrest, the former maximum security ward, became UMBC’s first administration building, and the new campus was ready by 1966. With turbulent changes in the society and the civil rights movement, the earlier atmosphere of UMBC was experimental and nontraditional. But by the mid-70s the college started taking shape and grew over the years, to reach where it is today, and has been granting degrees ever since then.  The university has its main campus in Catonsville, but also has the option of distance education.

The university offers several Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degrees along with professional certifications. The Graduate School offers 38 Master’s degrees, 24 Doctoral degrees, and 21 graduate certifications. The college is known for its courses in Engineering and Science.  Programs are offered in Engineering, Psychology, Life Sciences, Emergency Health Services, Imaging and Digital Arts, Aging Services, Psychology, Public Policy and several other areas. UMBC is considered to be an honors university where students can pursue academic programs that challenge them. The student body consists of 10,210 undergraduates and 2,678 graduates undergoing full-time and part-time courses at the university.

The university’s distance learning program is designed efficiently students to work independently without the need of excessive supervision.  However, the faculty and other support staff are always on hand to help out with anything students need.  There is also the possibility to interact with other students. Only Master’s level programs are offered to online students, but there are several programs that students can take based on their interest.

The University of Maryland Baltimore County supports students in every way, including academic education, independence of thought, research and everything else that leads them to fulfilling professional careers.  Students gain immensely from the support they get from the Graduate Student Association that represents the concerns of all students by offering a forum for discussions and recommendations. A graduate from UMBC steps out as a confident individual raring to enter the field of his choice, and this confidence stems from the education and practical experience along with the career help the university offers.  Being a graduate of this highly distinguished Honors University sets them apart from many others and leads them to opportunities galore.


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