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University of Illinois Global Campus Review!

A world leader in research and discovery, The University of Illinois is internationally renowned for the priceless knowledge it imparts to students and its life-changing breakthroughs in technology, medicine and agriculture. The university strives to sustain and enhance the quality of education. Students are taught the best ways to acquire knowledge and to put that knowledge to work and excel in whatever they do. It helps students create a brilliant future for themselves in every phase of their lives, be it in their careers or community or personal.

The University of Illinois is a land-grant institution established in 1867, when Abraham Lincoln signed the Morrill Land-Grant Colleges Act.  This university came into being to provide access to higher education for working people.  Over 140 years, the university expanded and created several campuses throughout Illinois in cities like Champagne-Urbana, Chicago and Springfield.  It launched The Global Campus in 2008, to offer online education to expand learning opportunities to thousands of other students.  This Global Concept was phased out in 2009, but online classes continue to be offered through the university’s three campuses.

The University’s campuses offer hundreds of undergraduate, graduate and professional programs, and many of these programs are ranked among the best in the United States. The University of Illinois offers nontraditional education for placebound students, to help them gain the academic benefits and career potential irrespective of their location. UIS was recognized for excellence and leadership in online education by the Sloan Consortium in 2010.  The Master of Arts in Teacher Leadership was also named as an Outstanding Online Program.

Students who joint the online programs at UIS receive the best possible education through the use of high technology used to impart education to online students. Faculty that teach online students are highly educated and experienced in their fields, and students also get to work advisors who help them create the programs of their choice and pursuer them in the best possible manner.  All online classes use several different formats to teach students, which include pod casts, Web conferences and interactive presentations.  All the degree and certificate programs offered online have been created in collaboration with the academic departments and colleges at the University’s residential campuses. The university offers several majors to online students, including Business Administration, Nursing, Patient Safety Leadership, E-Learning, Education, as well as Sport, Recreation and Tourism among others.

The University of Illinois online programs attract the nation’s most talented students for the huge benefits they offer. Studying at an institution that is known to be the world leader gives them priceless education and experience they can never expect from other universities.  Students who graduate from this university are prepared to not only handle their careers in a competent manner but also use their knowledge and expertise with people from all corners of the state.  Sitting in the comfort of their homes, students of UIS can gain their degrees in the fields of their choice from a top university that is recognized.


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