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University of Florida Review!

Having the distinction of being one of the largest universities in the nation, the University of Florida has a goal of providing students an enriching educational experience.  Towards fulfilling this, it continuously develops new methods of educating and communicating with the students.  The differential tuition plan ensures there is an increased faculty and reduced class sizes, something that proves highly beneficial to the students. The diversity of student body increases the diversity of entering freshman classes.  The curriculum is designed to provide a solid educational foundation to the students, in fields like liberal arts and humanities, along with hands-on learning with cutting-edge research.  The school’s aim is to produce well-rounded professionals with a commitment to the global community.

Founded in 1853 by Gilbert Kingsbury, the East Florida Seminary took charge of the Kingsbury Academy in Oscala. The seminary was later consolidated with the Florida Agricultural College, a state land-grant college in Lake City. In 1905, the college earned the distinction of a university, the name was changed to University of Florida, and it shifted to Gainesville.  The first ever students numbered 102 when the first classes were conducted in 1906. Today, the university has grown immensely and is the second largest public university in the United States.

The University of Florida is for students who wish to obtain a private university standard education at public university rates.  The University offers more than 100 undergraduate majors, 200 graduate programs and nearly 100 honors courses per semester through its honors program. Their professional degree programs include Dentistry, Medicine, Pharmacy, Veterinary Medicine and Law. Class sizes are mostly limited to less than 25.  Undergraduate students get a chance to work one-on-one with the faculty on selected research projects. The school is “Public Ivy” and is ranked by the U.S. News & World Report as the top 50 universities in the United States.

UF has a distance education system in place, offering students both undergraduate and graduate degrees. These degree programs require a formal admission to the university. Students have to meet the general admission requirements, including all requirements needed for the degree programs they choose.  Their Certificate programs don’t need as many courses as the degree programs and may not even require a formal admission to UF. However, permission has to be obtained from the department or the faculty coordinator. Their other courses include college credit and non-credit personal and professional development courses.  All these courses are offered online through highly advanced web-based technologies, such as on the Web, through a CD or DVD, as well as printed materials sent through mail.  Lab work can be done online and the high level of interaction with the faculty helps students by gaining the advantage of gaining on-campus education online.  Interesting degrees like Forensic DNA, Engineering and Business Administration can be pursued through University of Florida’s distance education.

Students are privileged to study at this major distinguished research university. The University of Florida is the most comprehensive university that offers the most academically diverse education. The overall development of the student is given importance to while they are made to excel in the fields of choice. Students have a competitive edge over others when they enter their professional fields outside of the campus.


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