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University of Colorado Denver Review!

University of Colorado Denver aims to scale new heights as a reputed leader providing excellence in learning and research. It respects academic freedom and fosters students’ success through continuous inquiry, reflection, application, and critical thinking. The healthy and energetic environment helps students with developing and employing new ideas. The university prides itself in building world-class research and scholarship programs that are well-known. Students also gain the solid base they need in order for them to build successful professional careers.

The university was established in 1883, beginning with the School of Medicine on the Boulder campus. When the school opened a hospital in Denver, several competing schools objected to this move, but the Colorado State Legislature gave the school permission. Over the years, the university expanded and grew in every way possible. In the year 2004, the University Of Colorado Board Of Regents has taken a decision of combining the Downtown Campus in Denver and The Anschutz Medical Campus in Aurora.  In 2009, after the progress of this consolidation was reviewed, the Regents voted to consolidate both the campuses under a single name, “University of Colorado Denver.”

Students are offered more than 132 study programs through 13 schools and colleges. They have Bachelor’s, Master’s, Doctoral and professional degree courses in a range of disciplines. The faculty consists of highly educated, nationally and internationally recognized professors, who are experts in their specific fields.  With a student-faculty ratio of 15:1, students get a highly personalized instruction that is usually not found in public institutions.  Students have ample opportunity to get hands-on training through collaboration with industry experts. Internship and co-op opportunities are offered in plenty to students at the end of their graduation, as the university enjoys a close association with several large tech companies.

University of Colorado Denver also offers courses online, and students can either take them up full-time or part-time, or also opt between choosing day-time classes, evening-classes or weekend classes.  These programs offer a high level of flexibility and students get a chance to continue in their jobs or with their personal lives, while they work towards their full degree programs or individual courses in their fields of interest. The faculty and other students offer the support they need in the completion of all assignments.  They are available to interact and discuss anything related to the course.  Online students can also listen to lectures.  Both Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are offered in Sociology, Early Childhood Education, Public Administration, English and several other fields.

With the huge number of program offerings and the high quality of education, all imparted through great personalized attention, CU Denver provides students from different parts of the world, wonderful opportunities to achieve success in their professional careers, improve their lives and engage in research within their field of study. The number of options offered to students are amazing and ensures nobody interested in academics misses out on the chance to get an education. The completion of graduation from the university means being welcomed into great positions in the real world.


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