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University of Cincinnati Review!

University of Cincinnati, Ohio’s premier urban research university strongly believes in the transformative power of education. It is committed to transforming its students’ lives through providing the perfect education and towards this end, strives to improve continuously. The university believes that it is possible for students to garner the power to transform the world through proper education and use of their knowledge.  What sets UC apart from thousands of other universities and colleges is its high capability as a research university.  It is classified by the Carnegie Foundation as one among the elite group of 96 universities with “very high research activity.”  Students get to study in an exceptionally beautiful environment that offers them several opportunities to fulfill community commitments.  It is this rich array of activities that enhance the learning experience of the thousands of students studying at UC.

The University of Cincinnati traces its origins to 1819, when the Medical College of Ohio and Cincinnati College were chartered.  It was in 1870 that the University of Cincinnati was established by the City of Cincinnati, which later included both these institutions.  For many years, UC retained the distinction of being the second largest and second oldest municipal university in the nation. Today, it’s one of the 100 largest universities in the United States. The university is named by Forbes Magazine as one of the world’s most beautiful campuses. It is also the only public institution in Ohio that Princeton Review called, a “green university.”

UC is known for its co-operative education program, which was started in 1906 by the Dean of the College of Engineering, Herman Schneider, and today ranks third in the United States. It is considered to be the founder and leader in this education form. This program offers students the chance to combine classroom education with outside campus duty of working at a host firm. This gives students a complete year of work experience by the time they complete their graduation. It is the largest co-op program and has more than 5,000 participating students in internships with more than 2,000 companies spread all over the world.  The university offers a variety of Undergraduate, Graduate and University Honors programs through the numerous colleges, such as Allied Health Sciences; Business; Arts and Sciences; Conservatory of Music; Design; Architecture; Art and Planning; Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Services;  Medicine; Pharmacy and others.

The University of Cincinnati’s distance learning programs were started in 1984, and although over the years, the mode of imparting online education has changed, the convenience and the flexibility remain the same.  These online courses start four times each year, making it possible for students to join in any of the four sessions.  Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Nursing, Education, Criminal Justice and others are offered.

With the excellent quality of education offered and the distinguished faculty, UC ensures students are taken care of in the way they should be. Students’ potential to achieve greater heights is pushed to the extreme in a manner that it turns into the sort of encouragement that students crave for.  The university is never complacent and understanding that change is a constant, students are motivated to enhance discovery and improve their professional and personal lives.


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