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UMass Online Review!

Considered to be one of the leading institutions of public higher education in the Northeast, the main thing about the University of Massachusetts (UMass) is the ability to offer exceptional education at affordable rates.  Its online division UMassOnline provides students an entry in the university’s online courses. All the programs are created with the main goal of providing quality education through the provision of outstanding resources for research. The school’s research programs are cutting edge and prove to be beneficial to the local as well as global communities.  The students and the school’s faculty are encouraged to commit to lifelong education, in an attempt to meet the best standards both professionally and personally, in the ever changing global scenario. With the online division, students are given the wonderful ability to leverage the power of this five-campus university.

Founded in 1863, UMass was originally a land-grant agricultural college constructed on 310 rural acres and consisted of four wooden buildings, four faculty members, 56 students and a curriculum that combined modern farming, science, liberal arts and technical courses.  Over the years, the university expanded and began offering several graduate degrees.  It has now emerged as a major research facility with the Conte National Polymer Research Center and the Lederle Graduate Research Centre. The university is located in a 1,450 acre campus in the Pioneer Valley of Western Massachusetts. UMass is the flagship campus of the Commonwealth’s university system. There are three other undergraduate campuses in Boston, Lowell and Dartmouth.  The Worcester Medical Center is where the medical school and teaching hospital are hosted.  UMassOnline came into existence in the year 2001.

UMass Online was created to meet the adult learners’ needs or even students looking for a more flexible option to complete their higher education.  Students who joint he online programs will achieve the best of both worlds; that of continuing their education without having to step into a physical campus as well as gaining the best educational degree from a well-ranked university. These online learning opportunities are available both online as well as mail. The quality of online courses remains the same in terms of quality and educational experience as those offered on-campus.  The faculty is the same award-winning group of professors that teach students at the college campuses. But online students stand to enjoy the special benefit of extreme flexibility and one-on-one attention too. Students simply have to log in to the online platform and work at their own pace.  Courses are offered online in more than 100 degree and certificate programs as well as more than 1,500 courses spanning several disciplines, such as English, Engineering, Public Health, Art Management, Information Technology and others.

The degrees offered by UMassOnline are accredited and are the same as those earned from the University of Massachusetts.  Whether studying on campus or online, The University of Massachusetts grants the degrees with no reference whatsoever to “online” mentioned on the transcript or diploma.

Students of UMass love the community feel of a small college their large campus gives them. Everything from the living and learning areas, the residence halls and the community programs all help students develop into leaders with hands-on experience.  This is what gives them the confidence that leads them to meaningful careers.


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