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Tulane University Review!

Tulane aims at creating students who learn to act and lead with wisdom and integrity by creating, communicating and conserving knowledge. The university creates an environment that focuses on learning and generating new knowledge, in a way that the lives of students and the communities they step into are enriched. Their community-building initiatives provide a great learning experience for students.

The school was established in 1834, as the Medical College of Louisiana, the second-oldest medical school in the Deep South. By 1847, the Medical College was part of the University of Louisiana, a public institution.  In 1884, Tulane became a private university when the public University of Louisiana was reorganized and named in honor of Paul Tulane, the benefactor who donated more than a million dollars to encourage intellectual, industrial and moral education. Tulane was shifted to its present campus on St. Charles Avenue in 1894. The Tulane University Health Sciences is situated in Downtown New Orleans and includes the Schools of Medicine, Public Health and Tropical Medicine.  The Primate Research Center is in Covington, La. The university is highly regarded as the best independent research universities in the United States.  The University is a member of the Association of American Universities, which is a group of 63 of the leading research universities in the United States and Canada.  It also remains in the prestigious group of the best 2% universities nationwide.

Through its different schools and colleges, Tulane offers several degree programs, in fields like Liberal Arts, Architecture, Science and Engineering, Business, Social Work, Law, Medicine, Tropical Medicine and Public Health. Students and faculty are given unprecedented research and learning opportunities. The school’s Department of Latin American Studies, Spanish, French, and Portuguese programs, along with the A.B. Freeman School of Business are all ranked as some of the best in the nation.

Tutane online is an online education system that offers students a chance to pursue their education sitting in the comfort of their homes, handling their personal and professional duties to the fullest. The flexibility of their online learning programs is amazing. All courses are taught by experienced professors through video lectures, which give the ambience of a real classroom on campus.  All online programs are offered through the Freeman School of Business and students work towards their MBAs and other certifications.  A series of eight-week courses are offered to students for completing their Master’s degrees as well as gain as many certifications as they wish to.

The excellent learning environment offered by Tulane enhances the educational experience for students. They not only gain subject knowledge while at Tulene, but are also rewarded with a high level of research experience.  At a personal level, students are encouraged and taught the importance of community building and social understanding. It is these qualities that stand students in good stead when the time comes for them to leave the university and step out into the real world, where they are faced with the professional, social and personal challenges.


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