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Tiffin University Review!

Tiffin University offers students an education that provides a great foundation while being career-directed.  The courses are designed in a manner that encourage students to meet their full potential and prepare them for highly successful careers in leadership.  The school places emphasis on meeting the needs of adult students who need to attend classes while taking care of their family commitments. The university is known for helping students also gain competitive internships and this is done through connecting them to real-world professionals.

Founded in 1888, Tiffin University was an independent, coeducational institution offering several degree programs. For more than 100 years, the university has continued to provide a high-quality education for students and has many achievements to its credit.  With the main campus in Tiffin, the school also has other campuses in Columbus, Cincinnati, Lima, Fremont and Toledo, as well as many learning centers in Cleveland.  The campus in Tiffin, Ohio is a huge 110 acre area that includes beautiful new facilities such as The Hayes Center for the Arts and the Hertzer Technology Center.

The university has an enrollment of 3,442, and offers professionally-focused academic programs within a wonderfully personal and caring community.   Associates degrees are offered in Arts, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice.  Bachelor’s degrees are available in Arts, Business Administration, and Criminal Justice. Master’s degrees in Business Administration and Criminal Justice are available. The faculty is numbered at 133 full-time and adjunct, who hold the highest degrees in their field. Since many faculty members also work closely in their fields, students gain immense practical knowledge while doing their degrees.  The main student body at Tiffin’s is international students from countries like Romania, China and the Pacific Islands.  Students also get to take advantage of the study abroad programs and travel to Europe and other places to work on their degrees.

The online campus for distance learning makes it easier for students who cannot attend the campus and helps them integrate education into an otherwise busy schedule. The online programs offered at Tiffin are similar to their on-campus programs. Students have access to the same highly educated and experienced faculty and the well-designed curriculum, along with several other resources.  Support staff is always on hand to help them with any problems they may have using the online platform.  Online degrees are available at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in fields like Business Administration and Criminal Justice.

Tiffin is unlike so many other universities with huge lecture halls. Here, the classroom sizes are small and no more than 45 students are ever seen in a single classroom.  Students studying at Tiffin tend to consider it a home away from home, and they get this homely feeling due to the strong support system of fellow students, faculty and staff.  Students are not left alone after they graduate. The university offers a helping hand through their internship and career support services.  All the goals and dreams of students’ are fulfilled with the whole school getting involved in guiding the student in the right direction.  It would not be out of place to say that many students feel they couldn’t have done better anywhere else.


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