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Thunderbird School of Global Management Review!

No other school in the world has been in the business of educating global leaders longer than Thunderbird, which is the oldest and the largest graduate management schools in the United States. The goal of the school is to produce managers who possess the ability to lead businesses across the world. The school believes that the greater purpose of a business is to create good around the world and students from Thunderbird are educated to create sustainable prosperity worldwide. More than 38,000 graduates have been churned out by the school from its inception and the student body is a mixture of students from 140 countries. Their unique curriculum ensures that students who will turn executives in the future, have the knowledge not just in their field of business but also understand the customs of other countries.  The fast growing business needs in the global marketplace are identified and included in the curriculum.

The school was founded after World War II in 1946, by the Commanding General of the U.S. Army Air Training Command, Lieutenant General Barton Kyle Yount. It began as the American Institute for Foreign Trade. General Yount identified the increasing demand for international executive talent and wanted to create the first school that focused only on international management. His dream became a reality with this new school which was founded as a nonprofit organization. Even the site where the school has been built is a historic airbase that was created to train American, British, Canadian and Chinese pilots during World War II.  The modern campus located in Glendale, Arizona, also reveals the remnants of those times, and the old airport buildings now serve as lecture halls and classrooms. Over the years, the school has undergone several name changes and established its global presence in countries like the Unite States, Latin America, Europe and China.

Thunderbird is one of the best choices for students interested in global business and international management. Through their graduate business programs, students learn the soft skills that are not seen in other graduate programs.  Some of their graduate programs are MBA in Global Management, Master of Arts – Global Affairs, Master of Science – Global Management and more. Students don’t need to be business majors and all the degree programs give them an opportunity to study abroad.  The international faculty is experienced in the business field, both at home and abroad. During any given semester, there will be students from more than 60 countries taking their degrees from this school. The school has been ranked high for its programs in International Management, by the U.S. News & World Report, The Financial Times and the Wall Street Journal.

The school has a distance learning program in place, allowing working professionals to pursue their International Business education at their convenience from their location. Although, Thunderbird doesn’t offer any complete degree programs online, students will be able to take up certification courses, creating an attractive addition to their resumes.  Everything from Branding for Global Business to Doing Business in China is available for them to choose from.

Ranked as the top MBA programs by various magazines and newspapers around the world, Thunderbird has also been totally committed to uphold the ethical standards of business. All students are treated with the dignity they deserve while they are prepared to be business managers of high standards and values.


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