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Thomas Edison State College Review!

Thomas Edison State College has a reputation for academic excellence in serving busy and motivated adults. It aims to bring high-quality, flexible, college learning opportunities for adults.  Students are motivated to meet their career and personal goals, and make a commitment to success in every phase of life.  All the programs are designed in an interesting and personalized manner to provide the encouragement self-directed adults need, in order to explore their full potential.  It is this kind of academic instruction and motivation students at this university experience that helps them emerge from their educational endeavor as competent professionals.

Established more than thirty years ago, in 1972 in Trenton, New Jersey, Thomas Edison College is named after the famous Inventor and New Jersey resident, Thomas Edison. It was created by the State of New Jersey with the idea of offering superior quality educational opportunities for mature adults, specifically designed to cater to their needs. The college moved to Trenton in 1979 and built the Kelsey Building in 1911, which is now one of the landmarks for its architecture. But the campus visits for many students are restricted to when they need them, when they have to write an exam or meet with an advisor.

The college offers several Associate’s Bachelor’s, and Master’s degree programs to students from the United States and from more than 70 countries around the world. Rigorous academic methods are implemented to ensure students learn in the best possible way they can. Students can earn their degrees in several areas, from Sociology to Accounting to Nursing to Criminal Justice. They have 100 areas of study to choose from. Noncredit professional certificates are also available.  The college offers three different approaches for students to do their degrees.  The conventional approach is where they fulfill their degree requirements at the college itself. Credentialed approach requires them to complete their degree at the college, but they are in degree programs that require professional certifications and licenses that are earned previously. The third is the Hybrid approach, where students take courses from other institutions as well as Thomas Edison State college. The college has been recognized by Forbes magazine as one of the top 20 colleges and universities in the nation for their use of technology in creating learning opportunities for adults.

Their distance education methods are well-known for their offerings.  These independent study courses are designed in a manner that students can enroll any time of the year. Academic advisors are available by email, fax, phone, the US Postal service, as well as in person. Students get to choose their pace, whether they want to just take up one course at a time or as many as they wish to.  The learning options include independent study and online courses.  In Guided Study courses, the course materials will be sent through mail and the course has to be completed completely independently.  Online courses allow interaction with the faculty and other students and course are accessible at any time, as long as the deadlines are met.  myEdison is where students find all the course material and participate in online class discussions or work in small groups.

Adult students experience a unique approach to learning and this has earned the college international recognition. The high level of innovation and technology utilization creates an attainable educational opportunity for adult students – irrespective of where they are.


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