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The University of Scranton Review!

A nationally recognized Catholic and Jesuit university, the University of Scranton continues to provide excellent foundation for students and guide them towards achieve academic excellence and success in their professional and personal lives. Even while following traditions that are centuries old, the university is modern in its thinking and uses only the latest and advanced technology and techniques in imparting instruction to its students.  It creates students who are “ready” to step into the future.  The aim of the university is to create excellent educations opportunities for both the traditional and non-traditional students.

Founded in the year 1888 by Reverent William O’Hara, who was the first Bishop of Scranton, the first name given to the school was St. Thomas College. The name was changed to the University of Scranton when it achieved university status in 1938.  Over the years, the university was run by several religious groups and it stayed true to its Jesuit heritage. Today, it is a member of the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and offers academic opportunities to students through its campuses in Pennsylvania, Scranton and online.

Ranked as one of the best for its “Highest Graduation Rates,” among undergraduate students, the University of Scranton is also known to have the best acceptance rates for medical and law schools.  It offers rigorous and broad-based education in a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The faculty come with world-class expertise and is incomparable to many other institutes.  Instruction is imparted through the College of Arts & Sciences; Panuska College of Professional Studies; Kania School of Management; and College of Graduate and Continuing Education. The undergraduate programs include several majors and minors along with pre-professional programs.  There are Master’s degrees and an Entry Level Doctorate in Physical Therapy (DPT). The university received several recognitions from national publications including the U.S. News & World Report, Princeton Review and Kaplan’s Publishing.

Students who prefer continuing their education online have many courses they can take up at the University of Scranton. Advanced technology is used to give students access to course material, assignments, faculty, counselors and customer support. They can also interact with other students.  They never have to worry about studying alone. The university understands that it can be scary to feel alone when completing education, and ensures students are always made to feel as if they are in a classroom. Academic advisors continuously monitor their progress throughout the duration of the course, for about 18-24 months. Currently, only Master’s programs are available online in areas like Education, Physical Therapy, Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Administration, Business Administration, Human resources and many others.

The University of Scranton is animated by a spiritual vision and completely dedicated to personal development and freedom of inquiry; the two attributes essential to gain wisdom and achieve academic excellence.  Students benefit from this boldly driven commitment to excellence and over the years at the college, go through a transformational learning experience that stands them in good stead throughout their lives. When they step out of the university, they are well-prepared to “set the world on fire.”


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