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The University of Liverpool Review!

The University of Liverpool is one of the UK’s top 20 research-led universities, with a mission to prepare students for the challenges of the 21st century.  Known as the principal centre of excellence in many disciplines, the university has a history of pioneering education and research. Being one of the UK’s most inclusive universities, it believes that education creates opportunity and students from any background and any part of the world are welcomed. The curriculum, faculty and research facilities at the university are all geared towards providing students “education for the professions.”

The history of the University of Liverpool dates back to 1882, when it was founded by James Campbell Brown, William Rathbone and Charles Beard.. Later, the term “red brick university” became popular with the construction of The Victoria Building ten years later, in 1892. Over the years, medical innovation became of key importance to the university – the surgical use of X-rays was first demonstrated here by Oliver Lodge.  The Royal Charter has been granted to the University in 1903 and this was the first university to start departments in Biochemistry, Oceanography, Civic Design and Architecture. More than 100 years later the University of Liverpool has its main campus in Liverpool; the Leahurst campus on the Wirral Peninsular, is known as one of the world’s most advanced centers in animal medicine; and the Xi’an Jiaotong-Liverpool University campus in the World Heritage City of Suzhou near Shanghai.

This university boasts of more than 27,000 students pursuing over 400 undergraduate and graduate programs in Health and Life Sciences, Science and Engineering and Humanities and Social Sciences. It has come to be known as offering excellent education in several disciplines, such as Medicine, Dentistry, Business and Law and Engineering.  Being a research-based university, it spends hundreds of millions for research each year and nearly 1400 faculty mentor students in the right direction. Some of the university’s new postgraduate programs include MSc Energy Generation, MSc Computation and Game Theory. And MA Cinema and Politics. The new research programs include Criminology and Criminal Justice MRes, Sociology and Social Policy MRes and Communication Studies MPhil/PhD.

With so much going on at the Liverpool University, it is not surprising that their distance learning program is a much-sought after online education mode. Students from all over the world look forward to joining this program and earning a higher degree. Through Laureate Online Education, students will work on their courses, interact with classmates and learn from exceptionally qualified faculty. The university offers Master’s degrees online in Technology, Public Health and Management amongst others.

The name of the University of Liverpool reverberates all over the UK and around the world. Students who are enrolled at this university are looked at in awe and the alumni which numbers in thousands hold proud positions in leading international firms. Studying here is almost a guarantee in itself of a wonderful future that only the most privileged manage to have. The academic curriculum itself is rigorous and ensures students are prepared well to handle the global market place challenges.


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