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The University of Illinois Review!

The University of Illinois aims at providing education to larger communities and prepares students to be leaders in their specific fields and in their communities. The university strongly feels the need for educated individuals engaging in public activities. Research shapes the school’s campus identity and stimulates classroom education. Graduate students are given ample opportunity to develop independent projects and work towards launching their own research careers. All programs are created in a way that allow students to reach their own full potential and emerge after graduation, as highly confident individuals ready to take on the challenges of their professional and personal lives.

The story of this university began in Urbana-Champaign began in 1867, chartered as the Illinois Industrial University. It opened for students in 1868 and was renamed as the University of Illinois in 1885. Originally, it taught Mechanical Arts, Agriculture and Military Training, and today it has expanded to hundreds of major and degrees. The school has three branches in the state, with the main branch remaining in Champaign-Urbana, and the other two Springfield, the state’s capital.

With 17 colleges and instructional units, the University of Illinois has more than 40,000 students from within the nation and around the world. The tremendous breadth and depth of programs offered include 150 undergraduate and more than 100 graduate and professional programs. Many of the school’s academic programs have been propelled to top ranks in the world. The university has earned a reputation for providing outstanding academic programs and research. It was ranked in the top ten public universities in the nation by the U.S. News & World Report. Having earned the reputation of being the nation’s premier public universities, the university is also considered as“public Ivy,” providing Ivy League education at public school fees.

For students who are not living in Illinois or cannot commute to the campus or those with responsibilities, the school’s Global Campus programs offers a variety of courses online. Using the asynchronous online instruction model the school expects students to interact and do their assignments together. There may also be practicum experiences, but to participate in these, students will have to visit the approved institutions closest to where they live.  The Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are fully accredited as well as the Certificate courses offered online, and they can be either self-paced or semester-based. These well-structured courses are available in fields like Sport and Tourism, Education and Recreation and Nursing, Human Resources, Media Training, Engineering, Human Nutrition and several others.  The school also brings to students several noncredit offerings that enable students to just do these courses for personal enrichment.

Right from day one, the University of Illinois has fulfilled its mission of preparing students for lives of impact. Students are taught to address critical societal needs through transfer of their knowledge. Students step into the real world filled with a feeling of readiness to take on the world complete with all the challenges it offers.  This attitude and the academic education that they received at the university gets them noticed by top companies, leading to careers of high profiles.


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