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The Art Institute of Pittsburgh – Online Division Review!

For students who wish to earn the power to “create tomorrow,” the Art Institute of Pittsburgh is the right place to be. This school is the leader in online creative arts education and helps students get to the very top in their professions. The institute works with students who want to find a career that engages in their inner passion, and the school knows how to get them there. The school is all about fashion, of media, and of design. It aims at creating the next generation of talented creative professionals ready to make a major impact with their passion, their talent and with their training from this leading institute’s online division.  It goes without saying that creativity is encouraged and students are provided with the necessary industry and technical skills needed for their future.

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is the oldest Art Institute in North America, and is founded in 1921. With nine floors and hundreds of on-campus students, its downtown Pittsburgh location is always buzzing with activity. The Art Institute has more than 45 campus locations across the nation.  It was in the year 2000 that the school’s online division was launched, and not long after, came to be known as the leader in creative arts education online..

Their online programs border on excellence, a tradition not new to the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. The online division offers well-designed degree programs and diplomas in a variety of fields within the scope of arts. The courses are offered on an accelerated platform that focuses on what students need to know, allowing them to concentrate on their easy-to-learn course material and achieve success in 5 ½ weeks.  The faculty and staff that mentor online students go through extensive training to ensure the online education offers results in success. Students participate in group discussion through the classroom message boards and also have access to multimedia presentations that enhances learning.  In fact, the Art Institute’s online learning is considered to be far more interactive that the traditional school experience. The Art Institute of Pittsburgh received accreditation from the Commission on Higher Education.

For students working toward advancing their careers, there can be no better option, as the asynchronous learning model is almost as if students are attending a class. The career-focused education can bring immense value to their career potential. The courses offered online include, Virtual Studio, Drawing, Perspective, Photo History, Communication Design, Culinary Management, Facilities Management, Web Design, Kitchen & Bath Design, and Multimedia & Web Illustration, among several others.  With so many options, students can dive deeper and decide their future path.

Students get all the support they need while pursuing their graduation working towards succeeding in their creative career ambitions. The only things students need to do, is take the big decision for their future and choose their field.  Everything else is taken care of by the institute, including getting you fully prepared in every way for top-level employment opportunities.


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